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1976: VW Golf Mk I GTi
1983: VW Golf Mk I GTi 1.8
1984: VW Golf Mk II GTi
1986: VW Golf Mk II GTi 16V
1990: VW Golf Mk II Rallye G60
1993: VW Golf Mk III GTi 16V


Group/Class A/7 Homologation number: A5096
Years active 1983 - 1984 Homologation start: 1/1/1983
Homologation end: 31/12/1989
Type VW EA827 R4, code DX, straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine located front transverse with 15o rear inclination
Capacity 1781 cc WRC: 1781 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 81.0 x 86.4
Compression ratio 10.0:1. 11.0:1
Output power - torgue 170 HP @ 7000 rpm 20.4 kgm (200 Nm) @ 6250 rpm
Main bearings die-forged steel crankshaft with 5 main bearings 54mm diameter, big end journal diameter diameter 47.8mm connecting rod length between centers 144mm, big end bearing tunnel diameter 50.6mm, aluminium alloy piston with 33.3mm compression height, 1.5/1.75/3mm piston rings, 20mm pin diameter
Materials block: grey cast iron, 220mm deck height, 277.8mm height, 88mm bore spacing cylinderhead: reverse flow aluminium alloy hemispherical combustion chambers with vertical valves, 132.9mm height
Cams/valves single overhead camshaft (SOHC), belt driven 2 valves/cyl. - 8 valves total. 40.1mm inlet valve diameter, 33.3mm exhaust valve diameter. 0o angle between inlet/exhaust valve axis and vertical. 2 coil springs per valve
Aspiration natural, Bosch K-jetronic mechanical multipoint fuel injection
Ignition electronic, firing order 1-3-4-2
Cooling system jacketed watercooled with pump, radiator, 280mm-4 blades fan and thermostat 6.5 lt
Lubrication system wet sump with 1 oil cooler 3.5 lt
Type front wheel drive VW 020, 5 speed gearbox
Gearbox ratios 1st: 3.455/1 (38/11)
2nd: 2.118/1 (36/17)
3rd: 1.444/1 (39/27)
4th: 1.129/1 (35/31)
5th: 0.911/1 (31/34)
R: 3.167/1 (38/12)
1st: 2.500/1 (35/14)
2nd: 1.789/1 (34/19)
3rd: 1.423/1 (37/26)
4th: 1.172/1 (34/29)
5th: 1.031/1 (33/32)
R: 3.167/1 (38/12)
Diffrential ratio 3.647/1 (62/17), 3.895/1 (74/19), 4.529/1 (77/17).
1985: 3.667/1 (66/18), 3.938/1 (63/16), 4.200/1 (63/15), 4.640/1 (65/14), 5.077/1 (66/13)
helical gears limited slip front differential
Clutch dry single disc, 210mm diameter
Type steel monocoque Type 17DX2 chassis of VW A1 platform with 14kg AlZnMn1 roll-cage. 3 or 5 door hatchback steel bodyshell with steel bonnets/doors and steel supported PVC bumpers
Front suspension mac pherson strut with lower 'L' wishbone, coil springs, telescopic gas shock absorbers and anti roll bar
Rear suspension torsion beam axle with trailing arm, coil spring, telescopic gas shock absorbers and adjustable anti roll bar
Steering system rack and pinion with or without hydraulic power assistance 3.25 turns lock to lock, 20.8/1 or 16.8/1 ratio
Brakes Front ventilated discs 239mm diameter with 1 cast iron piston caliper 48mm diameter, rear drums 180/200mm diameter with 1 double cast iron piston caliper 17.6mm diameter.
Lokcheed: Front ventilated discs 239/260/266/280mm diameter with 4 aluminium piston calipers 38.1mm diameter, rear ventilated discs 239/260/266/280mm diameter with 2 aluminium piston calipers 42.8mm diameter.
Girling: Front ventilated discs 239/260/266/280/256mm diameter with 1 or 4 cast aluminium piston calipers 38.1/48/54mm diameter, rear solid or ventilated discs 240/260/266/225.5mm diameter with 4 or 2 or 1 cast aluminium piston calipers 33.9/36/42.8mm diameter.
dual circuit with VW vacuum servo, adjustable ratio split front to rear
length: 3.815 m (150.2") width: 1.630 m (64.2") height: 1.395 m (54.9")
wheelbase: 2.400 m (94.5") front track: 1.404 m (55.3") rear track: 1.372 m (54.0")
Rims - tires 5.5" - 6" - 7" x 13" or 14" 175/70HR13 or 185/60R14
Weight 840-880 kg
Fuel tank 42 lt (steel), or 45 lt (aluminium)

Results in WRC


Works team: Volkswagen Motorsport


Group A classification is noted in brackets
Entry Rally event
Kalle Grundel
Rolf Melleroth
works 5th (1st) 8th (1st)
Total points
9 6 3
Others starts/finishes 2/2 1/1 1/1


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