Toyota Starlet KP61 group A (1982)
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Toyota_Starlet_KP61_Sprint_(NZ_New).JPG Source Development chain
1982: Toyota Starlet KP61
1985: Toyota Starlet EP71
1991: Toyota Starlet EP81
1997: Toyota Starlet EP91

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Homologation number: A 5022
Homologation started: 1/4/1982

Toyota 4K, straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine, click here
located front longitudinally
1290cc, 75.0 x 73.0 mm
cast iron block with 196mm deck height and 90mm bore spacing, aluminium alloy head
5 main bearings
connecting rod length between centers 120mm
side camshaft with overhead valves (OHV), 2 valves/cyl - 8 valves total
Toyota K40, 4 speed manual gearbox
1st: 3.769/1
2nd: 2.250/1
3rd: 1.405/1
4th: 1.010/1
R: 4.316/1

Article from 4T 174, 3/1985: Little Starlet!..

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Article from 4T 161, 2/1984

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toyota_starlet_3_door_1980-59509.jpg Source
Model 1980
skinup1w.jpg Source

Disc brake

155137992_toyota-starlet-kp6-13-s-kp61-front-brembo-brake-discs-.jpg Source
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