Toyota Corolla AE92 GTi group A (1988)
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toyota-corolla-rally.jpg Source Development chain
1984: Toyota Corolla AE86 GT
1985: Toyota Corolla AE82 FX 16V
1989: Toyota Corolla AE92 GTi


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Homologation number: A 5354, A 5353 (Sprinter Trueno), A 5352 (Levin)
Homologati╬┐n start: 1/2/1988
Group A manual
Group A parts list
Toyota 4AGE, straight 4cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
located front transverse
1587cc, 81 x 77mm
4 valves/ cyl - 16 valves total
steel monocoque E-AE92-AEMVF chassis with roll cage
185/60R14 82h

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Article for production and group N

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