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1998: Seat Cordoba I WRC1998
1999: Seat Cordoba I WRC1999
2000: Seat Cordoba I WRC2000


Group/Class A/8 Homologation number: A 5586 (08/02 WR)
Years active 1999 - 2000 Homologation start: 1/8/1999
Homologation end: 31/12/2011
Type VW R4 EA827, code AFT, straight 4cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine located front transverse
Capacity 1995.4 cc WRC: x 1.7 = 3392.2 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 83.0 x 92.2
Compression ratio 8.4:1
Output power - torgue 315 HP / 5300 rpm 53.0 kgm (520 Nm) / 3500 rpm
Main bearings 5 of 54mm diameter connecting rod length 162.5mm, big end bearing diameter 50.6mm
Materials block: steel cylinderhead: cast aluminium
Cams/valves dual overhead camshaft (DOHC), belt driven 4 valves/cyl. (V at 25o) - 16 valves total
Aspiration Garrett/Allied Signal TR30R turbocharger (see below) with 34mm turbo restrictor and catalytic converter fitted, Magneti-Marelli Step 9 fuel injection
Ignition Magneti-Marelli Step 9 electronic, firing order 1-3-4-2
Cooling system watercooled
Lubrication system oil cooler
Type four wheel drive Hewland/Prodrive/Seat 6-speed sequential
Gearbox ratios 1st: 2.923/1 (38/13)
2nd: 2.133/1 (32/15)
3rd: 1.667/1 (30/18)
4th: 1.333/1 (24/18)
5th: 1.083/1 (26/24)
6th: 0.889/1 (27/24)
R: 2.563/1
Diffrential ratio Front differential 4.583/1 (55/12), all gears combinations from 50 to 65/11, all gears combinations from 50 to 65/12, all gear combinations from 50 to 65/13. Trasfer box 0.393/1 (11/28). Rear differential 2.545/1 (28/11) helical gears epicycloid spag clutch center differential with active/hydro-electronically controlled transfer box and front differential. Limited slip rear differential. 50%-50% F-R torque distribution
Clutch dry carbon triple disk
Type steel monocoque Typ 6K GP01 chassis of VW A03 platform with roll-cage, front subframe, and rear tubular subframe. 3 door liftback steel bodyshell with steel extended wheel arches, PVC front and rear bumbers and a rear plastic airofoil
Front suspension mac pherson strut with lower wishbones, coil springs and Öhlins gas shock absorbers, cabin adjustable antiroll bar
Rear suspension mac pherson strut with lower wishbones, coil springs and Öhlins gas shock absorbers, cabin adjustable antiroll bar
Steering system rack and pinion
Brakes ventilated disks all around, from 280 to 390mm front and rear disks diameter, with 2/4/6/8/12 piston calipers dual circuit with 8" servo
length: 4.172 m (164.3") width: 1.770 m (69.7") height: 1.400 m (55.1")
wheelbase: 2.443 m (96.2") front track: 1.520 m (59.8") rear track: 1.520 m (59.8")
Rims - tires tarmac: 8" x 18", gravel: 7" x 15" Pirelli, tarmac: 225x650/18
Weight 1230 kg
Weight/power 4.1 kg/HP
Fuel tank

Garrett TR30R Turbocharger features

T25 type ball bearing cartridge.
The bearing races are made from M50 material and the retainer from silicon-bronze for high temperature capability.
An air-cooled center housing with turbo speed pickup boss.
Thin wall stainless steel turbine housing with V-Band inlet and outlet and attached with a V-Band.
The turbine housing is shielded with an activated carbon cloth heat shield.
Mar-M 247 turbine wheel material is good up to 1050C/1922F turbine inlet temperature.
The compressor housing is attached to a standard back plate with a V-Band.
Billet 5-axis machined aluminum compressor wheel.

Results in WRC


1999 2000 2001 Total
Races 5 8 13
Entries/finishes 12/7 17/7 29/14 (48.3%)
Races 1 1
Entries/finishes 1/1 1/0 2/1 (50%)
Total WRC results
Races 5 8 1 14
Entries/finishes 12/7 18/8 1/0 31/15 (48.4%)
Total points 30 19 49
(3.500 per race)
(1.581 per entry)


Works team: Seat Sport

Entry Rally event
Harri Rovanperä
Risto Pietiläinen
works 5th 5th 16th 6th 3rd
Piero Liatti
Carlo Cassina
works eng ine tran smis sion
Toni Gardemeister
Paavo Lukander
works 6th eng ine 16th clu tch
Gwyndaf Evans
Howard Davies
works eng ine
Total points
30 11 6 5 8
Works starts/finishes 12/7 2/2 2/1 3/1 2/2 3/1

1999+pliattita9uf2.jpg Source
Piero Liatti in San Remo 1999

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