Salmson AL3 Grand Sport (GS) group S (1926)

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Salmson is a French engineering company and was established by Émile Salmson (1858-1917) as Emile Salmson, Ing. initially as a pump manufacturer
Subsequently, joined by engineers George Canton and Georg Unné, it was renamed Emile Salmson & Cie, building petrol-powered lifts and motors (1896).


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straight 4 cyl
1087 cc
25 hp (18 kW)
double overhead camshaft
aspiration, natural with 1 x Solex carburetor
magneto ignition
water cooled
Length, 3550 mm (139.8")
Wheelbase, 2500 mm (98.4")
600 kg

Results in Endurance Races

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Targa Florio Le Mans Spa Guipuzcoa
Date 25/4 13/6 4/7 22/7
Team 540km 24h 24h GP
Ezio Rallo #32, 14th
Baconin Borzacchini #33, 13th
Salvatore Comella #36, dnf
Georges Casse/ André Rousseau #46, 9th #26, 10th
André de Victor/ J. Hasley #47, acci dent
Roger Piérard/ Jacques Elgy disqua lified
Lionel de Marmier/ Jacques Ledure dnf
? #5, in entry list
Trenor #15, in entry list
Starts/finishes 8/5 3/2 2/1 3/2
Drivers Team entries and car number
Georges Casse
Georges Casse 46 26
André Rousseau 46
André de Victor 47 26
J. Hasley 47

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