Renault Alpine A110 1.8 group 4 (1972)
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1970: Renault Alpine A110 1.6
1972: Renault Alpine A110 1.8
1974: Renault Alpine A310
1977: Renault Alpine A310 V6

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23 units built
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Homologation number: 624, 1.8 lt engine variant since 1972
Homologation start: 1/1/1970

Gordini 807-GA straight 4cyl, located longitudinally behind rear axle
1796cc (82.5 x 84.0 mm)
compression 11.5:1
185 hp @ 7000 rpm
195 nm @ 5000 rpm
engine block: aluminium alloy with steel cylinder liners 85mm outer diameter
cylinder head: aluminium alloy with hemispherical combustion chamber
5 main bearings
side camshaft with pushrods, rocker arms and tappets, 2 overhead valves (OHV) per cyl. 35.35mm exhaust valve diameter and 42.1 inlet valve diameter, 8 valves total
aspiration, natural with 2 x Weber 45 DCOE carburetors
water cooled
Rear-wheel drive
Alpine 364, 5 speed manual gearbox
1st: 3.071/1
2nd: 2.250/1
3rd: 1.681/1
4th: 1.296/1
5th: 1.032/1

1st: 3.455/1
2nd: 2.235/1
3rd: 1.609/1
4th: 1.214/1
5th: 0.968/1
final drive 3.67/1, 3.56/1, 3.777/1, 3.375/1
dry clutch single plate
steel central-tube backbone chassis with front and rear subframes. 2 door coupe fiberglass bodyshell
front suspension: double Wishbones with Coil Springs, Dampers, Anti-Roll Bar
rear suspension: Renault Swing Axles with longitudinal Radius Arms, Coil Springs, Dampers, Anti-Roll Bar
Front Coil Springs - 13mm wire - 8.5 turns - 260mm length (deflection 65mm under 340kg load)
Rear Coil Springs - 12.3mm wire - 8 turns - 275mm length (deflection 69mm under 300kg load)
Both springs are 88.90mm dia (coil centres)
A quick calc suggests: Front = 449lbs/inch & Rear = 376lbs/inch (using an online calculator) -78.50 N/mm & 65.74 N/mm
rack & pinion steering, 2.8 turns lock to lock
Std rack = 3.2 turns 17.1:1 ratio
Quick rack = 2.5 turns 13.5:1
solid disk brakes all around 254mm disk diameter
Length 3845mm (151.4")
Width 1650mm (65.0")
Height 1130mm (44.5")
Wheelbase 2100mm (82.7")
front track 1335mm (52.6")
rear track 1396mm (55.0")
wheels, front 8 x 13", rear 10 x 13"
165/70 x 13", Michelin SB9, front 21 x 13" or 175/60R13 72V, rear 25 x 13" or 225/45R 13 77V
750 kg, 36% - 64% f/r distribution
98 lt fuel tank

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Mugelo Dijon Monza Spa Pergusa Nurb Zeltweg Watkis Glen
Team 24h 1000km 800km 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 6h
Neußer Motorsportklub e.V. im ADAC #43, dnf
Works Starts/finishes 1/0 1/0
Driver Team entries and car number
Neußer Motorsportklub e.V. im ADAC
Heinz Gilges 43
Helmut Schmitz 43

Results in WRC


Works team: Alpine Renault

Entry Rally event
Entry list
Bernard Darniche
Alain Mahé
works gear box
Ove Andersson
John Davenport
gear box
Walter Roser
Roman Loibnegger
Others starts/finishes 3/0 2/0 1/0

alpine%20a110%2018393.jpg Source
Jean-Pierre Nicolas in Tour de Corse '74
Numeriser0042.jpg Source
Jean Pierre Nicolas in Tour de Corse '75
1975-alpine-larousse5.jpg Source
Gerard Larrousse in Tour de Corse '75


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