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The main part of an automobile vehicle is the engine. The engine is also called the "heart" of a car. Engines for racing events are either pure racing machines designed from scratch only for racing purpose, or they are modified commercial engines that are followed some homologation rules. Depending the level of modifications, the engines are classified in groups and classes. Main parameter for classification is engine's capacity. Another parameter is whether the engine is forced inducted or naturally aspirated.
As it can be seen while searching through the years in the following table, development of materials, machinery and electronics brought:

  • more durable mono-block decks and later thin-wall block construction
  • higher compression ratios
  • forged manufacturing technology for moving parts such as crankshafts, connecting rod, pistons and valves
  • aluminium blocks or cylinder-heads
  • overhead camshafts (OHC)
  • 3 or 4 or 5 valves per cylinder
  • electronic ignition and later mapped electronic engine management
  • mechanical or electrical or electronic fuel injection
  • turbocharged induction systems
  • higher rotating limits

The table bellow lists all the available Power Plants (engines) for racing cars, and technological evolution/development is presented. Racing engines are listed by manufacturer and by model.

List of Racing Engines by manufacturer

List of Racing Engines by year

Year Engine
2011 Judd HK V8 (90o)
Nissan VK45DE V8 (90o)
Toyota RV8KLM V8 (90o)
2010 Judd DB V8 (90o)
2009 BMW P65 V8 (90o)
Mazda MZR-R I4T
2008 AER P32 C V8T (75o)
2007 Judd XV675 V8 (90o)
Zytek ZJ458 V8 (90o)
2006 AER P32 T V8T (75o)
AIM YS5.5 V10 (90o)
Judd GV5.5-S2 V10 (72o)
Mugen MF458S V8 (90o)
YGK YR40T V8T (90o)
Zytek 2ZG408 V8 (90o)
2005 Judd GV5-S2 V10 (72o)
Nissan VQ30DETT V6T (60o)
2004 Aston Martin AM04 V12 (60o)
Caterpillar/VW TDI V10TD (90o)
Judd GV5 V10 (72o)
Zytek ZG348 V8 (90o)
2002 Mugen MF408S V8 (90o)
2001 Judd KV675 V8 (90o)
2000 BMW P60B40 V8 (90o)
Chevrolet Small Block gen III LS1.R V8 (90o)
GM Northstar L47 LMP V8T (90o)
Peugeot ES9 J4S V6T (60o)
Porsche M96/70 B6T (180o)
VW A59 HPT16 I4T
1999 Chevrolet Small Block gen III LS1 366 V8 (90o)
Judd GV4 V10 (72o)
Nissan VRH50A V8 (90o)
Nissan/AER P14 V6 (60o)
1998 Ford Small Block 310 Indy V8 (90o)
Nissan VRH35Z 3.0 V8T (90o)
1997 BMW S70/3 V12 (60o)
Ford/Roush Windsor 366 V8 (90o)
Nissan VRH35L V8T (90o)
1995 GM Northstar L47 Oldsmobile Aurora V8 (90o)
Lotus Type 918 V8T (90o)
1993 Porsche 935 WSC B6T (180o)
1991 Peugeot SA35-A2 V10 (80o)
1990 Nissan VRH35Z V8T (90o)
Peugeot SA35-A1 V10 (80o)
1989 Nissan VRH35 V8T (90o)
1988 Nissan VRH30T V8T (90o)
1987 Nissan VEJ30 V8T (90o)
Porsche 962/72 B6T (180o)
1986 Porsche 935/79 B6T (180o)
1985 Nissan VG30ET V6T (60o)
Porsche 935/82 B6T (180o)
Porsche 962/71 B6T (180o)
1984 Ferrari 308C V8T (90o)
Porsche 962/70 B6T (180o)
1983 Ferrari 268C V8T (90o)
Nissan LZ20B Turbo I4T
1982 Cosworth DFL Evolution V8 (90o)
Porsche 935/76 B6T (180o)
1981 Cosworth DFL V8 (90o)
1969 Ford FVC I4
1968 Cosworth DFV V8 (90o)
1967 Ford FVA I4
1964 Ferrari Colombo 275 V12 (60o)
1962 Jaguar XK6-R I6
1958 Jaguar XK6-D 3.0 I6
1955 Jaguar XK6-D I6
1952 Ferrari Colombo 250 V12 (60o)
1952 Ferrari Colombo 225 V12 (60o)
1951 Ferrari Colombo 212 V12 (60o)
Jaguar XK6-C I6
1950 Ferrari Colombo 195 V12 (60o)
1949 Jaguar XK6-A I6
1948 Ferrari Colombo 166 V12 (60o)
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