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Homologation number: GT 009
Homologation start: 1/4/1999
M96/76, Boxer 6 (180o) cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine, located rear longitudinally
3598cc, 100.0 x 76.4 mm
283 kw / 380 bhp @ 7250 rpm
380 nm / 280.3 ft lb @ 6250 rpm
aluminium block and head
forged steel crankshaft with 8 plain main bearings 60mm diameter, 55mm big end journal diameter
titanium connecting rods, 58mm big end bearing diameter
4 valves / cylinder, DOHC with 2 stage Variocam system
aspiration: natural with 30.8mm inlet restrictor, Bosch DME Motronic M 5.5.5 electronic multipoint Fuel injection
Firing order: 1-6-2-4-3-5, M12x1.25 spark plugs with 2 side electrodes
dry sump, 12.5 lt oil capacity
Getrag G96/61 6 speed sequential gearbox
1st gear: 3.15/1
2nd gear: 2.00/1
3rd gear: 1.56/1
4th gear: 1.24/1
5th gear: 1.03/1
6th gear: 0.86/1
R: 2.86/1
Final drive ratio: 3.44/1, 5.00/1, 40-60% Limited slip rear differential
dry triple disc carbon fibre clutch
f suspension McPherson, adjustable camber, anti roll bar (five positions)
r suspension multi link, rigid suspended subframe, strengthened tie-rod infinitely adjustable; anti roll bar (four positions)
ventilated disks all around 330/350 mm diameter with 6 (front) and 4 (rear) piston calipers
length, 4.430 mm
width, 1.765 mm
height, 1.270 mm
wheelbase 2355 mm
f/r track, 1.495 / 1.503 mm
rims: 8.5-9 x 18" (front), 10.5-11 x 18" (rear)
f/r tires 245/645-18 / 305/660-18 Slick
1140 kg
drag coefficient 0.30

Results in FIA GT Championship

N-GT classification is noted in brackets. Note that in the first 5 races of this season N-GT class was not existed yet, and cars were competing in GT category.
Car entry, chassis number Car number, result
Monza Silver stone Hocken heim Hungar Zolder Oschersl Doningt Home stead Watkis Glen Zhuhai
Team 500km 500km 500km 500km 500km 500km 500km 3h 3h 500km
Roock Sportsystem #5, 10th
MAC Racing #27, 18th #27, in entry list #27, in entry list
FRD MW Racing Porsche #71, acci dent
Eschmann #72, 10th (1st)
Total points
1 1
Works Starts/finishes 4/3 1/1 1/1 2/1

Teams and drivers entries

Results in Endurance races

Classification in GT cars is noted in brackets
Team entry, chassis number Car number, result
Daytona Sebring Le Mans Petit Le Mans Fuji
Date 31/1 20/3 13/6 18/9 7/11
Duration 24h 12h 24h 1600km 1000km
Team\ Championship US RR ALMS ALMS
Team PRC, WPOZZZ99ZWS698007 #40, with drawn
Freisinger Motorsport, WPOZZZ99ZWS698028 #96, 32nd (9th)
Works Starts/finishes 2/1 2/1

Teams and drivers entries

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Engine M96/01 3.4 lt

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