Porsche 924 Carrera GT group 4 (1981)

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Chassis numbering

Also called Porsche 937


406 units built
59 units built as Carrera GTS

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924 Carrera GT

Homologation number: 672 and B203
Homologation start: 1/1/1981 and 1/1/1982


Homologation number: 3075 and Transfer to Group B
Homologation start: 1/1/1977 and 1/1/1982

924 Turbo

Homologation number: 660 and transfer to Group B, 3083
Homologation start: 1/2/1979, 1/4/1979
Homologation end: 1/4/1979, 1/1/1982

drag coefficient, 0.34
frontal area, 1.94 m2

Results in WSCC


Porsche 924
Car entry Car number/ result
Daytona Mugello Dijon Silver stone Nurb Misano Watkins Glen Valle lunga
Team 24h 6h 6h 6h 1000km 6h 6h 6h
Dick Lovett Specialist Cars #61, dnt qualify
Starts/finishes 1/0 1/0
Driver Team entries and car number
Dick Lovett Specialist Cars
Pete Lovett 61
Peter Richman 61

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Dick Lovett in Silverstone '78


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