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Chassis numbers here and here


24 units built
305876S (R1), 306681S (R2), 307670S (R3), 307671S (R4)
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Type Porsche Type 901/22, boxer 6 cyl (180o), 4 stroke, petrol engine located longitudinally behind rear axle
Capacity 1991cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 80.0 x 66.0
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Output power - torgue 210 bhp / 157 KW @ 8000 rpm 152 lb/ft @ 6200 rpm
Main bearings forged steel crankshaft with 8 plain main bearings 57mm diameter, big end journal diameter 57mm titanium connecting rods, 130mm distance center to center, 61mm big end bearing diameter
Materials block: silumin alloy, 124.5mm bore spacing cylinderhead: aluminium alloy
Cams/valves 2 x 1 overhead camshafts (SOHC), chain driven 2 valves/cyl. - 12 valves total. 45mm inlet valve diameter, 39mm exhaust valve diameter.
Aspiration natural, 2 x Weber 46 IDA 3C carburetors
Ignition electronic twin spark, firing order 1-6-2-4-3-5
Cooling system aircooled
Lubrication system dry sump with 1 oil cooler 11 lt
Type rear wheel drive Porsche Type 901/53, 5 speed gearbox , click here and here
Gearbox ratios 1st: 2.400/1
2nd: 1.600/1 (32/20)
3rd: 1.217/1
4th: 1.000/1
5th: 0.821/1
R: 3.127/1 (16/11 x 43/20)
Diffrential ratio 4.428/1 (31/7) spiral bevel gears limited slip rear differential
Clutch dry single disk 225mm diameter
Type steel monocoque 911 chassis. 2 door coupe steel bodyshell with steel bumpers
Front suspension mc pherson strut with lower L wishbone, longitudinal torsion bars, telescopic gas shock absorber and anti-roll bar 15mm diameter
Rear suspension trailing arm with torsion bars, telescopic gas shock absorber and anti-roll bar 15mm diameter
Steering system rack and pinion
Brakes front ventilated disks 282mm diameter with 2 steel piston calipers. Rear ventilated disks 285mm diameter with 2 steel piston calipers. Ventilated calipers front and rear dual circuit with servo
length: 4.135 m (162.8") width: 1.600 m (63.0") height: 1.273 m (50.1")
wheelbase: 2.204 (86.8") front track: 1.332 m (52.4") rear track: 1.312 m (51.7")
Rims - tires front 6 x 15", rear 7 x 15"
Weight 850kg
Weight/power 4.0
Fuel tank 100 lt
Drag coefficient 0.38

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Sebring Monza Spa Targa Florio Nurb Le Man Hock Mugelo Brands Hatch CdE Zeltweg Ollon Nurb
Team 24h 12h 1000km 1000km 720km 1000km 24h 304km 529km 6h 300km 500km Hill climb 500km
Porsche System Engineering, 306 681 #30, 3rd
Total points
Works Starts/finishes 1/1 1/1
Driver Team entries and car number
Porsche System Engineering
Bernard Cahier 30
Jean-Claude Killy 30

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911/22 engine


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