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Chassis numbers


5 units built
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Peugeot SA35-A1, V10 (80o) cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
3499cc, 91.0 x 53.8 mm
650 HP (478.694 KW) @ 12500 RPM
aluminium alloy block and head
forged steel crankshaft with 6 main bearings
DOHC gear driven, 4 valves/cyl - 40 valves total
aspiration, natural with multipoint electronic fuel injection
water cooled
dry sump

6 speed Manual gearbox
Triple-plate carbon clutch
carbon fibre monocoque chassis with semi-stressed engine, carbon-fibre composite body panels
Front suspension double wishbones, push-rod actuated coil springs and dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension double wishbones, rocker-actuated coil springs over dampers, anti-roll bar
power assisted rack and pinion steering
carbon ceramic discs, all-round
Length 4800 mm (189 in)
Width 1960 mm (77.2 in)
Height 1040 mm (40.9 in)
Wheelbase 2800 mm (110.2 in)
front track 1630 mm (64.2 in)
rear track 1550 mm (61 in)
tires, front 32/16-17", rear 36/71-18"
fuel tank, 100 lt

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Suzuka Monza Silver stone Spa Dijon Nurb Doning Montreal Mexico
Team 480km 480km 480km 480km 480km 480km 480km 480km 480km
Peugeot Talbot Sport, 905-EV11 #44T, spare car #44T, spare car
Peugeot Talbot Sport, 905-EV12 #44, fuel pump #44, 13th
Works Starts/finishes 2/1 1/0 1/1
Driver Team entries and car number
Peugeot Talbot Sport
Keke Rosberg 44, 44T 44, 44T
Jean-Pierre Jabouille 44, 44T 44, 44T

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Article from 4T 238, 8/1990

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