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On board with Ari Vatanen in Paiks Peak '88: see video



Pikes Peak version

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PSA XU9T, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, petrol engine
mounted centrally behind driver, transversely and inclined by 20°
1905cc, 83.0 x 88.0 mm
650hp at 7500rpm, 8500rpm max (340hp/l)
685Nm from 4500rpm to 5500rpm
alloy block and heads. Two stage variable length intake manifold
Forged 5 main bearing crankshaft
double overhead camshaft (DOHC), Belt-driven, 4 valves/cyl - 16 valves total
aspiration, 1 x Garrett turbo charger with air to water intercooler and water injection in intercooler. Marelli-Solex multipoint electronic fuel injection
Thomson ignition system.
Electronic boost control up to 3 bar
Dry sump lubrication

TJ type gearbox
4WD with 33/67 front/rear split
Carbon clutch, epicyclic gear distribution
Road speed in gear at 8600rpm:
1 - 67 km/h
2 - 97 km/h
3 - 127 km/h
4 - 144 km/h
5 - 178 km/h
6 - 211 km/h
Axle ratio: 8x39, et demultiplication 19x29 en sortie de boile
Interlocking: 25/75 front/rear with disks

Central spaceframe made from stamped sheet metal and steel tubes. Front and rear space-frames from steel tubes. Composite fiber bodywork
Double wishbone front and rear suspension with 1 coilover damper per corner and antirollbars
Front and rear ventilated brake disks 327mm with AP Racing 4 piston calipers
Assisted rack and pinion steering on front wheels with machanical rear wheel steering system. 2 turns lock to lock
Front tires: 225/50-16 (on track Michelin 25/64-16)
Rear tires: 270/45-16 (on track Michelin 26/64-16)

Length: 4250mm
Width: 1760mm
Wheelbase: 2888mm
Front and rear track: 1430mm
Wet weight: 950kg, distribution: 600/350kg front/rear
Oil capacity: 10 litres
Fuel Capacity: 35 litres

Grand Raid version - same as pikes peak with these differences

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Boost up to 2.2 bar
400bhp at 7500rpm
490Nm at 400rpm
1400W triphase Valeo alternator
Two plate cerametalic clutch with hydraulic actuation
Ferguson type limited slip differential
Axle ratio 8/39 front and rear hypoid type
Double Bilstein coilover dampers on each corner
2.5 truns lock to lock
Tires: Michelin 18/73-16
Wet weight: 1300kg
Fuel capacity: 435 litres

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Rally Raid

Article from 4T 220, 1/1989: Pikes Peak version

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