Opel Manta B2 20E group A (1983)
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std_Opel_Manta_GT-E_2.jpg Source Development chain
1983: Opel Manta B 20E
1991: Opel Calibra 16V
1993: Opel Calibra Turbo 4x4
Development level
Group B
Group A

Also called Opel Manta B2 GSi


Service manual
Group/Class A/7 Homologation number: 5686 and A5146
Years active 1983 Homologation start: 1/1/1978 and 1/6/1983
Type GM Opel CIH 20E, straight 4cyl, 4 stroke located front longitudinal
Capacity 1979 cc WRC: 1979 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 95.0 x 69.8
Compression ratio 11.5:1
Output power - torgue 185 HP / 7100 rpm 21.4 kgm (210 Nm) / 5500 rpm
Main bearings 5 of 58mm diameter connecting rod length between centers 128mm, big end bearing internal diameter 55mm
Materials block: cast iron cylinderhead: cast iron
Cams/valves single overhead camshaft (SOHC), chain driven 2 valves/cyl. - 8 valves total. 42mm inlet valve diameter, 37mm exhaust valve diameter. Operation with rocker arms and cam followers. 0o angle between valves and vertical
Aspiration natural, cross flow inlet design, Bosch L-jetronic electronic multipoint fuel injection
Ignition electronic, firing order 1-3-4-2
Cooling system watercooled
Lubrication system wet sump
Type rear wheel drive Getrag 240 or Getrag 265, 4 or 5 speed gearbox
Gearbox ratios constant input: 1.526/1 (29/19)
1st: 3.639/1 (31/13)
2nd: 2.119/1 (25/18)
3rd: 1.335/1 (21/24)
4th: 1.000/1
R: 3.522/1 (30/18 x 18/13)
constant input: 1.038/1 (36/19)
1st: 2.337/1 (36/16)
2nd: 1.682/1 (34/21)
3rd: 1.355/1 (30/23)
4th: 1.263/1 (28/25)
5th: 1.000/1
R: 2.661 (41/16)
10/1983+, constant input: 1.269/1 (33/26)
1st: 3.717/1 (41/14)
2nd: 2.019/1 (35/22)
3rd: 1.316/1 (28/27)
4th: 1.000/1
5th: 0.804/1 (26/41)
R: 3.445 (24/14 x 38/24)
Diffrential ratio 3.444/1 (31/9), 4.750/1 (38/8), 5.280/1 (37/7)
1985+: 3.667/1 (33/9), 3.889/1 (35/9), 4.222/1 (38/9)
hypoid spiral bevel gear limited slip rear differential
Clutch dry single disk
Type steel monocoque chassis B2 with roll-cage. 2 door coupe steel bodyshell with plastic front and rear bumbers and plastic front, rear and side airofoils
Front suspension double wishbones with coil springs, telescopic gas shock absorbers and anti roll bar
Rear suspension live rigid axle with trailing radius arms, transverse linkage bar, coil springs and telescopic gas shock absorbers
Steering system rack and pinion
Brakes front disks: solid 246/254mm diameter with 1 or 2 piston calipers, or ventilated 256/271mm diameter with 4 or 2 piston calipers. Drum rear brakes with 230mm drum diameter, or rear solid disks 246/279mm diameter with 2 piston calipers, or rear ventilated disks 253mm diameter with 2 piston calipers dual circuit with servo and adjustable ration split front to rear
length: 4.444 m (175.0 in) width: 1.686 m (66.4 in) height: 1.330 m (52.4 in)
wheelbase: 2.518 m (99.1 in) front track: 1.380 m (54.3 in) rear track: 1.375 m (54.1 in)
Rims - tires speedline, 13" or 14" or 15"
Weight 1000 kg
Weight/power 5.4 kg/HP
Fuel tank 50 lt

Results in WRC



1978 GTE with 2 ltr engine
Entry Rally event
Luis Andrade
Francisco Amorim
Jean-Sébastien Couloumiès
Claudine Causse
eng ine
Juha Kankkunen
Timo Hantunen/ Rolf Mesterton
Inter economics dnf eng ine
Risto Kauppinen
Jukka Leinonen
Jukka's Motors dnf
Russell Close
David Wilford
GM Dealersport inje ction
David Oliver
Andy Barnard
diffe rential
Russell Close
David Wilford
GM Dealersport dnf
Others starts/finishes 8/0 1/0 1/0 2/0 4/0

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Juha Kankunnen at 1000 Lakes '82 with '78 GTE
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Gavin Cox at RAC '83
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1987_Opel_Manta_GSI.jpg Source
52098346.jpg Source
gte04.JPG Source
Performance diagram of Manta B GTE 1.9


opel_manta_b_1982.jpg Source


getrag-240-5.jpg Source

Rear suspension

Holden+VH+Salisbury+Limited+Slip+Differential.jpg Source
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