Opel Kadett E 4S (1986)
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1987: Opel Kadett E 4S
1998: Opel Astra G Kit Car
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electronic, firing order 1-3-4-2
dry sump with mid-mounted twin oil coolers
Xtrac, 4WD
6 speed manual gearbox
Driver adjustable F/R ratio F28/R72 to F50/R50 hydraulic system
GM T-Platform steel monocoque chassis (middle section only) 3 door hatchback design with integral roll cage and sump guard. Front and rear spaceframe. Kevlar body panels.
rack and pinion steering
f/r disc brakes. Dual circuit with servo, adjustable ratio split front to rear
length: 4256 mm / 167.6 in
width: 1760 mm / 69.3 in
height: 1393 mm / 54.8 in
wheelbase: 2500 mm / 98.4 in

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