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Homologation number: A 5751 (ADAM OPEL ASTRA H ESSENTIA 1.6, engine only) and A 5752 (VR2B)
Homologation start: 1/1/2014 (engine only) and 1/2/2014

GM Family I gen. III Ecotec A16XER (LDE), straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
1598cc, 79.0 x 81.5 mm
190 PS / 140 kW @ 7.750 rpm
cast iron block, aluminium alloy head
5 main bearings
DOHC with Double Continuous Variable Cam Phasing technology, 4 valves / cyl, 16 Valves total
aspiration, natural with multipoint electronic direct injection
BOSCH MS 3 Sport-ECU with upgraded engine map
Specific carbon fiber air intake and filter
Modified cooling system with large radiator and fan

Fuel System:
FIA FT3 fuel cell with specific cover, capacity 70l
Refueling through quick release couplings behind driver seat
Specific fuel lines with integrated FIA-fuel sample valve routed inside body shell
Fuel breather system with rollover valve

Exhaust system: Specific 60mm lightweight system
Bespoke manifold to increase power and torque output
Rear silencer with integrated HJS Racing catalytic converter

Sadev 5-speed sequential gearbox
Short ratio setup and final drive
Plate driven limited slip differential
Cut-off sensor for full throttle gearshifts
Oil cooling with integrated pump and filter
Bespoke driveshafts with lightweight intermediate shaft
Actuation with tunnel-mounted lever and friction-optimized rocker type connection

Front Suspension:
3-way adjustable REIGER Racing Suspension Mc Pherson struts
Delivered in tarmac specification
Spherical joint top mount
Adjustable camber (adjuster bushes included)
Modified production car wheel hub carrier with reinforced kingpin and bracket
Reinforced front subframe with adjustable anti-dive (optional)
Specific multi-segment, fully adjustable wishbones with unibal joints
Several adjustable rollbars (optional)

Rear Suspension: 3-way adjustable REIGER Racing Suspension damper strut
Delivered in tarmac specification
Spherical joint mounting top and bottom
Reinforced suspension crossmember with unibal joints and adjustable camber and toe (optional)
Integrated roll bar
Several adjustable rollbars (optional)

Steering: Upgraded roadcar electro-hydraulic power steering system
Optimized rack and pinion ratio
Lightweight steering column
Specific toe rods with unibal joints
Wheels: Bespoke EVO Corse aluminum rims, 6,5x16” (tarmac), 6x15” (gravel, optional)

Brake System:
Layout with hard lines inside bodyshell for maximum performance
Hydraulic fly-off handbrake with locking function
Adjustable brake pressure RR
Brake booster replacement kit
Carbon fiber radiator duct with integrated brake cooling using air inlets in front bumper
Front Brakes Tarmac: 310mm floating ventilated disc
Rear Brakes: 264mm disc
4-piston AP Racing caliper and Pagid RST 4 racing pads or Standard Opel-production pads
280mm 1-piece ventilated disc
4-piston AP Racing caliper (identical to tarmac version)
Single piston production car caliper

Lightweight, reinforced body in white with integrated welded rollcage
Modification of front frame for larger radiator
Modification of doors for side impact protection

SPARCO Competition Seats with 6-point-harness for use with HANS protection system
Side impact protection according to FIA-S2000-regulations, including foam blocks in doors and on B-pillar
Plastic door glazing, incl. integrated slide windows
Carbon fiber door panels
Lightweight dashboard, incl. mounting beam and steering column support
Lightweight heater and fan unit
Lightweight electrically operated fire extinguisher system behind driver seat, manual extinguisher
Dry-type racing battery
Co-driver footrest with switches for tripmaster, horn and windscreen washer
Lightweight wheel brace and car jack
Window protection film
Rollcage padding

Exterior: OPC-Line Pack front and rear bumper add-ons, side sills and roof spoiler
Cut-Outs in front bumper for brake cooling
Carbon roof intake for driver ventilation
Additional Aerocatch bonnet fixations
Belt-type tow-hooks front and rear

Electrical System:
Fully integrated specific wiring loom
CAN-Bus controlled power management system with touchpad control
Bosch DDU 7 color graphics display with integrated gear display and shift lights
Lightweight electrical cut-off switch
MONIT Trip-Computer
Map light

Length: 3.698mm
Width: 1.720mm
Height: 1.442mm
Wheelbase: 2.310mm
Weight: 1.030kg

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Category RC4
Entry Rally event
Marijan Griebel
Alexander Rath
ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team 24th (1st)
Fabian Kreim
Michael Kölbach
ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team dnf
Thomas Holzer
Jan Enderle
44th (14th)
Others Starts/finishes 3/2 3/2

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