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6 units built
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Homologation number: GT1 003 and GT1 101
Homologation start: 1/5/2009 and 1/4/2010

Analytical specifications and drawings

V8 (90o) cylinder
5552cc capacity
chain driven DOHC with CVTCS, 4 valves / cyl - 32 valves total
natural aspiration with multipoint electronic fuel injection
Power output
441 kW / 600 hp
479 lb·ft / 650 N·m

engine location, front
Rear Wheel Drive
Ricardo 6 speed gearbox
5.5" carbon triple plate clutch
suspension (front): Double wishbone
suspension (rear): Multi-link
Brake (front): 6 piston caliper with carbon disc and pad
Brake (rear): 6 piston caliper with carbon disc and pad
Overall length: 4730 mm
Overall width: 2040 mm
Wheelbase: 2780 mm
Track (front): 1670 mm
Track (Rear): 1710 mm
Weight: 1250kg
Wheel (f/r): 13.0J-18
Tire (f/r): 31/71-18

Results in FIA GT Championship

Car entry & Nr, chassis Nr Result
Tourist Trophy Adria Oschers leben Spa Hunga roring Algarve Paul Ricard Zolder
Team 2h 2h 24h 2h 2h 2h 2h
Nissan Motorsports #35, 09-0001 dnf 14th 13th 18th
Works Starts/finishes 4/3 1/0 1/1 1/1 1/1

Teams and drivers entries

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JR Motorsport 2011
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