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Chassis numbers


1 unit built
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Analytical specifications and drawings

V8 (90o) cylinder
3995cc capacity
DOHC with 4 valves per cylinders
Natural aspiration with Lucas electronic fuel injection
Power output, 540 HP / 403 KW @ 9250 rpm
Torque, 461 Nm / 340 ft lbs @ 7000 rpm

5 speed Manual gearbox
Front suspension double wishbones, coil springs over dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension lower wishbones, top rocker arms with in-board mounted coil springs over dampers, anti-roll bar
rack and pinion
ventilated disks all around

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Monza Silver stone Nurb Le Mans Spa Mugello Fuji Brands Hatch
Team 1000km 6h 1000km 24h 1000km 1000km 6h 1000km
Grand Touring Cars Inc, M12-01 #27, disqua lified
Grand Touring Cars Inc #28, in entry list
Works Starts/finishes 1/0 1/0
Driver Team entries and car number
Grand Touring Cars Inc
Mario Andretti 27
Michael Andretti 27
Rick Mears 28
John Morton 28

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