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Manufacturer: MG = Moris Garage


K1: 181 units built (54 K1s with KA engines, 74 with KB engines and 53 with KDs were made)
K2: 20 units built
K3 supercharged: 33 units built

MG KC, straight 6 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
1087 cc
83 x 71 mm
120 bhp (89 kW) @ 6500 rpm
aspiration, first used a Powerplus supercharger replaced later by a Marshall supercharger with 3 x SU carburetors

Results in Endurance Races

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Mille Miglia Targa Florio Le Mans Spa Tourist Trophy Brooklands
Date 9/4 28/5 18/6 2/7 2/9 16/9
Team 1600km 503km 24h 24h 750km 500mil
MG, K3003 #39, 21st #17, 1st*
MG, K3002 #41, dnf
MG, K3001 #42, 22nd
MG, K3752 spare car #20, disqua lified+ #24, 5th+
George Manby Colegrave, K3004 #18, 7th #25, gear box
Eddie Hall, K3006 #19, 4th #22, 1st
Tommy Horton, K3007 #21, dns
Robin Mere, K3009 in entry list
Whitney Straight/ Tim Rose-Richards, K3011 #23, gasket
Charles Martin/ J. O. Parrish #26, dns
George Eyston/ A. Denly (Magic EX127) #10, magneto
Starts/finishes 14/7 3/2 5/3 6/2
Drivers Team entries and car number
George Eyston 39
Giovanni Lurani 39
Henry Birkin 41
Bernard Rubin 41
Earl Howe 42
Hugh Hamilton 42
Whitney Straight
Tazio Nuvolari 17

*Whitney Straight entry
+R. A. Yallop entry. In Brooklands had Edgar Fronteras as co driver


image77.jpg Source
Magic Midget EX127
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