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Chassis numbers


5 units built
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M-291, Flat 12 (180o) cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
3492cc, 86.0 x 50.1mm
560-650 hp at 13000 rpm
400 Nm at 9000 rpm
8 main bearings with central power take-off
Light alloy monoblock with Nicasil coated bores, cast aluminium alloy cylinderheads
aspiration, natural with Mercedes-Benz TAGtronic multipoint electronic fuel injection
2 spark plugs per cylinders, firing order 1-10-5-7-3-11-6-9-2-12-4-8
6-speed manual gearbox with Sequential semi-automatic shift, shift lever at right
35 gear ratios depending on race
rear LSD differential, transversally mounted in front of rear axle
final drive 3.529 or 4.133
Triple-disc carbon-fiber clutch
Carbon fiber monocoque chassis with integrated roll cage
Front wheel suspension, Double wishbone, coil springs/pressurized shock absorbers (operated by pull rods), torsion bar stabilizer
Rear wheel suspension, Double wishbone, coil springs/pressurized shock absorbers (diagonal/transversal, operated by push rods), stabilizer
f/r Internally ventilated disc brakes, 4-piston caliper
Length 4650 mm
Height 1020 mm
Wheelbase 2700 mm
Front track 1600 mm
Rear track 1550 mm
front tires, 25.5/12 x 17 Goodyear
rear tires, 28.5/14.5 x 18 Goodyear

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Suzuka Monza Silver stone Le Mans Nurb Magny Cour Mexico Auto polis
Team 430km 430km 430km 24h 430km 430km 430km 430km
Team Sauber Mercedes, C291-02 #2, fire #2, eng ine #2, 2nd #2T, water leak
Team Sauber Mercedes, C291-03 #2, with drawn #2T, eng ine #2, eng ine in practice #1T, spare car #1T, 5th
Team Sauber Mercedes, C291-04 #2, spare car #2, oil pump #2, 1st
Team Sauber Mercedes, C291-05 #1, gear box #1, throttle linkage #1, elec trics #1, misfire in practice
Total points
9 16
Works Starts/finishes 14/3 1/0 1/0 1/1 1/0 2/0 3/0 2/0 3/2
Driver Team entries and car number
Team Sauber Mercedes
Karl Wendlinger 2 2 2 2 2, 2T 2, 2T 2 2
Michael Schumacher 2 2 2 2 2, 2T 2, 2T 2 2
Fritz Kreutzpointner 2
Jean-Louis Schlesser 1 1 1, 1T 1, 1T
Jochen Mass 1 1 1, 1T 1, 1T

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M291 engine


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M291 engine

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