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Also called McLaren Elva Mk II
Chassis numbers


28 units built
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Analytical specifications and drawings

V8 (90o) cylinder
capacity: 5431cc, 102.3 x 82.55 mm
OHV with 2 valves per cylinder
Natural aspiration with 4 x Weber 48 IDA Carburetors
Power output, 510 bhp / 392 KW @ 7000 rpm

Chevrolet V8 (90o) cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
550 HP

Hewland LG 500 or ZF 4 speed Manual gearbox
single plate Scheifer clutch
Four-section polyester resin with integral brake and radiator ducting and side sections housing twin 25-gallon rubber fuel cells
Large diameter round and square tubular frame with light alloy sheet riveted and bonded to it, forming undertray and bulkheads.

Like the Series I, Bruce's Series II is constructed of round and square tubing with only subtle changes made for strengthening. Four main rails are used, with truss-type outriggers above the side mounted, pontoon-like fuel tanks, adding to the rigidity. The floor pan, as well as the wheel-well sheet metal, is stressed. The firewall behind the driver is aluminum-alloy sandwiching a wood core, with a removable center door in the firewall to get at the front accessory drive units on the engine. A pair of semi-reclining alloy bucket seats are fitted
Anti-dive front suspension layouts are used with very wide-based pickup points. The upper A-arm has a side link, with a leading arm attached to the cockpit scuttle-hoop. The lower A-arm is comprised of a side link with a trailing arm attaching to a forward frame member, placing the fore and aft suspension arms in tension instead of compression. Inclination of the upper arm reduces the tendency to nosedive under braking loads. An anti-sway bar crosses the frame above the driver's feet, angling forward to join the lower A-arm via a ball-jointed vertical link. The bar is carried in a Teflon bearing surface, is removable and is attached with screws. Telescopic shocks, wrapped with adjustable-tension coil springs are fitted front and rear. Girling BR callipers squeeze 12-inch Meehanite discs. Steel braided, Teflon, Aeroquip brake lines are fitted. which eliminate any spongy feel in the pedal. Cool air is fed to the discs via flexible hose, with the air inlets in the nose
The rear suspension follows conventional practice, with a single upper sidelink, a reversed lower wishbone and trailing links for fore and aft location. Bruce is still experimenting with the upper-link length and pick-up point, trying to get the least camber change with a link about two inches longer at Kent than on the production versions, but at Riverside the car was fitted with the shorter link. The same size Girling calipers are fitted at the rear, as are fitted up front.

The rear anti-sway bar runs across the chassis below the trans-axle, along the rear frame bulkhead, mounted in Teflon, attaching to the upper end of the hub carrier via vertical ball jointed links. A choice of gearboxes is offered with the five-speed ZF being fitted to Bruce's, Oldsmobile version. Weighing but 127 pounds, the ZF is not considered heavy enough for use with bigger torquers, like Fords or Chevies, and for these applications Bruce recommends the 135­pound Hewland LG-4. The wheels are driven through Mercedes Benz internally splined drive shafts.1

front suspension, Independent by unequal length wide-based wishbones, with anti-dive characteristics, anti-roll bar and adjustable coil spring/shock units in the front.
rear suspension, Trailing arms with lower wishbones, single top links, anti-roll bar and adjustable coil spring/shock units at the rear.
rack and pinion steering
Dual circuit Girling discs all around. 12½ inch diameter front and 11½ inch diameter rear.
McLaren-Elva cast magnesium wheels, 15 x 8½ front, 15 x 11½ rear (5.50 and 6.50 - 15 tyres)
length 3708 mm (146")
width 1626 mm (64")
height to top of windscreen 787 mm (31")
Wheelbase 2311 mm (91")
front track 1295 mm (51")
rear track 1295 mm (51")
590kg, distributed 40 percent front / 60 percent rear. 840kg (6.2 lt)
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