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Chassis numbers

Also called Maserati Tipo 151/3


1 unit built, converted from Maserati Tipo 151
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V8 (90o), 4 stroke, petrol engine, located front longitudinally
4941cc, 94.0 x 89.0 mm
430 bhp / 316 KW @ 7000 rpm
light alloy block and head
DOHC, 2 valves / cylinder - 16 valves total
aspiration, natural with Lucas mechanical Fuel Injection
water cooled
dry sump
5 speed Manual
aluminium panels on steel tubular frame
Front suspension double wishbones, coil springs, Koni telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll-bar
Rear suspension DeDion axle, twin trailing arms, coil springs, hydraulic shock absorbers
rack-and-pinion steering
discs, all-round
Wheelbase 2400 mm (94.5 in)
Track (fr/r) 1250 mm (49.2 in) / 1280 mm (50.4 in)
wheels 15"

Results in WSCC

Season races for Prototypes
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Sebring Targa Florio Consuma Nurb Rossfeld Le Man Reims Freiburg Tourist Trophy Sierra Montagna Brigde Hampton Paris
Team 12h Hill climb 1000km Hill climb 24h 12h Hill climb Hill climb 500km 1000km
Maserati France, 151/002 #2, elec trics #3, igni tion #11, acci dent
Works Starts/finishes 3/0 1/0 1/0 1/0
Drivers Team entries and car number
Maserati France
Maurice Trintignant 2 3 11
André Simon 2 3 11

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At Le Mans '64
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Lucas injection

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