March 73S group 5 (1973)

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Chassis numbers


19 units built

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BMW M12/7 engine
Hewland FT200, 5 speed Manual gearbox

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Vallel Dijon Monza Spa Targa Florio Nurb Le Man Zeltweg Watkins Glen
Team 24h 6h 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 24h 1000km 6h
STP March Racing Team, 73S/1 #73, 16th
Ecurie Vic Elford, 73S/9 #26, dns #36, in entry list
Ecurie Vic Elford, 73S/10 #27, in entry list #28, in entry list
Scuderia Vesuvio #28, in entry list
Trivellato, 73S/8 #29, in entry list
Ceramiche Pagnossin, 73S/3 #31, over heating
Works Starts/finishes 3/1 2/0 1/1
Driver Team entries and car number
STP March Racing Team
Bert Kuehne 73
Roman Pechmann 73
Ecurie Vic Elford
Luigi Colzani 26
Alain Peltier 26 36
Claude Swietlik 27
Kurt Rieder 28
Gerhard Irsa 28
Scuderia Vesuvio
Ciro Nappi 28
Cosimo Turizio 28
Toine Hezemans 29
Dieter Quester 29
Ceramiche Pagnossin
Gabriele Serblin 31
Andrea de Adamich 31

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