Lotus Elan Type 26/36 group GT (1963)

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2000 units built, 900 S1 (97 units 26R) and 1100 S2

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Homologation number: 127 and 527
Homologation start: 10/5/1963 and 1/2/1966

Lotus Costin engine
1558 cc
Steel chassis, 2 door coupe roadster glass fiber reinforce plastic bodyshell, with plastic front/rear bumbers
front suspension, unequal double 'A' wishbones with helical coil springs, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and anti roll bar
rear suspension, chapman strut with helical coil springs and telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers
rack and pinion steering
dual circuit (no servo)
wheels, 4.5x13"
680 kg

Results in WSCC

Season races for GT 1.0+
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Sebring Targa Florio Spa Nurb Cons uma Ross feld Le Man Wies baden d' Auve rgne Freiburg Tourist Trophy Ollon Inter Europa TdF Bridgeh
Team 3h 12h 500km 1000km Hill climb Hill climb 24h rally Hill climb Hill climb 500km
Stirling Moss Automobile Racing Team #108, not ready* #18, hub
Squadra Foitek #23, 30th
Chequered Flag (1594cc) #19, differ ential
Team Elite (62) Ltd (1594cc) #20, differ ential
Charles A. C. Hodgson (1588cc) #34, con rod
Works Starts/finishes 5/1 1/1 4/0
Drivers Team entries and car number
Stirling Moss Automobile Racing Team
Innes Ireland 108
John Whitmore 108 18
Squadra Foitek
Arthur Blank 23
Chequered Flag
Graham Warner 19
Team Elite (62) Ltd
Frank Gardner 20

*Group P

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