Lola T210 group 6 (1970)

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Chassis numbers
Chassis register


16 units built
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Analytical specifications and drawings

inline 4 cylinder
245 bhp / 183 KW @ 9000 rpm
aspiration, natural with Lucas mechanical fuel injection

Hewland FT200, 5 speed Manual gearbox
sheet Aluminum monocoque chassis in L163, L72 and NS4 aircraft spec materials, with rear subframe, fiber glass bodyshell
Front suspension double wishbones, coil springs over dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension twin lower links, single top links, trailing arms, coil springs over dampers, anti-roll bar
rack-and-pinion steering
disc brakes all around
length, 3450 mm (135.8 in)
width, 1670 mm (65.7 in)
wheel base, 2155 mm (84.8 in)
track f/r, 1320 mm (52 in) / 1320 mm (52 in)
tires, front 10 x 13", rear 14 x 13"
fuel tank, 90 lt

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Sebring Brands Hatch Monza Targa Florio Spa Nurb Le Man Watkins Glen Zeltweg
Team 24h 12h 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 24h 6h 1000km
Scuderia Brescia Corse, SL210/06 #30, in entry list
Ecurie Evegreen, SL210/04 #27, in entry list
Ecurie Bonnier-German BG Racing Team, SL210/05 #33, in entry list
Walter Lehmann/ Alex Janda, SL210/08 #11, in entry list
Max Wilson/ Mac Daghorn, SL210/12 #7, 8th
Total points
Starts/finishes 1/1 1/1
Driver Team entries and car number
Scuderia Brescia Corse
Carlo Zuccoli 30
"Gi-Bi" 30
Ecurie Evegreen
Chris Craft 27
Trevor Taylor 27
Ecurie Bonnier-German BG Racing Team
Jo Bonnier 33
Willy Kauhsen 33

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