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Hybrid refers to the fact that the chassis is still consistent with the older LMP900 regulations, but the aerodynamics package is fully up to date with the new LMP1 regulations


1 unit built
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Chevrolet Small Block gen. III LS1 366, V8 (90o) cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine. Click here for engine tolerances
engine located front longitudinally
5995cc, 106.2 x 84.6 mm
570 bhp / 425 KW @ 6200 rpm
725 Nm / 535 ft lbs @ 5200 rpm
A319 T5 (production) or A357-T6 aluminum alloy block with 234.7mm deck height and 111.8mm bore spacing, A356 T6 aluminium head
nodular iron crankshaft with 5 main bearings 65mm diameter
connecting rod length between centers 155.6mm, big end bearing diameter 53.3mm
camshaft in block with overhead valves (OHV), 2 valves/cyl - 16 valves total
aspiration, natural with multipoint electronic fuel injection
LMP1: 2 x 31.3mm inlet restrictors
firing order 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3, with Driver side 1 3 5 7, Passenger side 2 4 6 8
water cooled, Reverse flow water cooling
dry sump

Hewland TLS 6 speed manual gearbox, transversely located
limited slip rear differential
carbon fibre composite and aluminium honey-comb monocoque chassis with roll cage. Carbon fibre bodyshell. "Hybrid" aerodynamic package to conform with new regulations
Front suspension, double wishbones, pull rod operated Eibach coil springs, adjustable Penske dampers and anti-roll bar
Rear suspension, double wishbones, push rod operated Eibach coil springs, adjustable Penske dampers and anti-roll bar
rack and pinion steering
ventilated Hitco carbon disks all around with AP calipers
Length: 4645 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Wheelbase: 2750 mm

Results in Endurance races

Car entry, chassis number Car number, result
Sebring Spa Le Mans Monza Silver stone Nurbu rgring Petit Le Mans Istanbul
Date 19/3 17/4 19/6 10/7 13/8 4/9 1/10 13/11
Duration 12h 1000km 24h 1000km 1000km 1000km 1600km 1000km
Lister Storm Racing, 001 #18, 18th #6, in entry list
Works Starts/finishes 1/1 1/1

Teams and drivers entries

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