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Riley overhead unit (a few later models used a 3.0-liter Alvis six)
2443 cc
4 cylinder engine
rear axle from the postwar Riley RM-series sedan, 3.500/1
104 HP @ 4500 rpm
132 pounds/feet @ 3000 rpm
Twin SU H4 carburetors

4 speed manual synchromesh gearbox
six-inch deep side members chassis
with trailing-arm independent front suspension, a coil-sprung but Panhard rod located 'live' rear axle and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes (11-inch front / 10-inch rear)
wheels fitted with cycle wings
fuel tank, 16-gallon

Results in famous races (until 1952) and in WSCC (1953+)

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Targa Florio Mille Miglia Carrera Pan Le Mans Dolo miti Tourist Trophy Sebring
Date 2/4 23/4 10/5 25/6 16/7 19/9 31/12
Team 1080km 1600km 3000km 24h 300km 3h 6h
Tommy Wisdom/ Anthony Hume, X2 #502, 15th
F. Mosters/ Carlo Castelbarco, D6 #721, 38th
Donald Healey/ Geoffrey Healey, X5 #723, dnf #23, 19th*
P. A. H. Wood/ Peter Monkhouse, D37 #734, dnf
Robin Richards/ Rodney Lord, D50 #736, dnf #29, 11th+
Ernie Wilkinson, D24 #24, 9th
Walter Freed, D32 #25, acci dent
Charles Mortimer, D2 #26, 14th
Automobilia Ltd, D44 #27, 12th
Automobilia Ltd, D45 #28, 15th
Briggs Cunningham, D15 (Cadillac 5.4) #16, 3rd
Total points
Works Starts/finishes 13/9 1/1 4/1 1/1 6/5 1/1
Drivers Team entries and car number
Automobilia Ltd
C. H. Masters 27
Mike Oliver 28
Robin Richards 29
Briggs Cunningham
Walters 16
Frick 16

*Nigel Mann/ Mortimer Morris-Goodall entry
+Automobilia Ltd entry

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