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Group C Prototypes

Applications Year Make Model Notes
C2 1993 Cougar C30LM
C2 1993 Toyota 93C-V Updated Toyota 92C-V
C2 1992 Allard J2X-C
C1 1992 BRM P351
C3 1992 Cougar C28LM
C2 1992 Gebhardt C91
C1 1992 Jaguar XJR-17
C1 1992 Lola T92/10
C1 1992 Mazda MXR-01 Modified Jaguar XJR-14
C1 1992 Nissan R92CP Updated Nissan R91CP
C1 1992 Nissan P35 Developed by NPTI, never saw competition
C1 1992 Peugeot 905 Evo
C2 1992 Toyota 92C-V
C1 1992 Toyota TS010
C2 1991 ALD (fr) C91
C1 1991 Brun Motorsport C91
C2 1991 Cougar C26S
C1 1991 Jaguar XJR-14 Replaced by XJR-12s
C1 1991 Konrad KM-011
C2 1991 Mazda 787B
C2 1991 Mercedes-Benz C11 Chassis developed by Sauber
C2 1991 Mercedes-Benz C291 Replaced by C11
C2 1991 Mercedes-Benz C292
C1 1991 Nissan R91CP Chassis developed by Lola Cars as T91/10
C1 1991 Nissan R91CK Updated Nissan R90CK
C1 1991 Peugeot 905
C1 1991 ROC 2
C1 1991 Toyota 91C-V (ja)
C 1990 Alba AR20
C1 1990 Alfa Romeo SE 048SP Never saw competition
C2 1990 Cougar C20S
C1 1990 Cougar C24S
C1 1990 Eagle Performance 700 Modified Corvette GTP that previously saw action in IMSA with a marine engine, chassis developed by Lola
C1 1990 Jaguar XJR-11 Replaced by XJR-12s
C1 1990 Jaguar XJR-12
C2 1990 Mazda 787
C1 1990 Nissan R90CP Chassis developed by Lola Cars as T90/10
C1 1990 Nissan R90CK Chassis developed by Lola Cars as T90/10
C1 1990 Norma M6 Did not qualify the only race it was entered, the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans
C1 1990 Spice SE90C
C1 1990 Toyota 90C-V Designed and built by TRD
C2 1989 ADA 02B
C2 1989 ALD (fr) C289
C1 1989 Aston Martin AMR1
C1 1989 Cougar C22LM
C2 1989 Mazda 767B
C1 1989 Nissan R89C Chassis developed by Lola Cars as T89/10
C2 1989 Tiga GC289
C1 1989 Toyota 89C-V (ja)
C1 1989 WM P489
C2 1988 ADA 3
C2 1988 ALD (fr) 4
C1 1988 Argo JM19C
C1, C2 1988 Cougar C20B
C1 1988 Cougar C22
C1 1988 Jaguar XJR-9
C1 1988 March 88S
C2 1988 Mazda 767
C1 1988 Nissan R88C Chassis developed by March Engineering
C2 1988 Spice SE87C
C2 1988 Spice SE88C
C1 1988 Tiga GC288
C1 1988 Toyota 88C Designed by Dome and built by TRD
C1 1988 Toyota 88C-V Designed by Dome and built by TRD
C1 1988 WM P88
C2 1987 ALD (fr) 3
C2 1987 Argo JM19B
C1 1987 Cougar C20 (de)
C1 1987 Jaguar XJR-8
1987 Team LeMans LM07C
C1 1987 March 87G (ja)
C1 1987 March 88G (ja)
C2 1987 Mazda 757
C1 1987 Nissan R87E (de) Chassis developed by March Engineering
C2 1987 Royale RP40
C1 1987 Sauber C9
C2 1987 Tiga GC287
C1 1987 Toyota 87C (ja)
C1 1987 WM P87 (de)
C2 1986 Alba AR6 (de)
C2 1986 ALD (fr) 2
C2 1986 Argo JM19
C2 1986 Bardon DB1
C 1986 Chevron B36 Privately modified Group 6 car with Sthemo body
C2 1986 Chevron B62
C2 1986 Ecosse C286
C1 1986 Jaguar XJR-6 (fr)
C 1986 Lamborghini Countach QVX Chassis developed by Spice Engineering
1986 Team LeMans LM06C
C1 1986 March 86G
C1 1986 Nissan R86V Chassis developed by March Engineering. Converted to a Nissan R88C and March 88S throughout its lifespan.
1986 SARD MC86X (ja)
C2 1986 Spice SE86C
C2 1986 Tiga GC286
C1 1986 TOM'S 86C (ja) Designed by Dome and built by Tom's
C1 1986 WM P86 (de)
C2 1985 Alba AR4
C2 1985 Alba AR5
C2 1985 ALD (fr) 1
C1, C2 1985 Cougar C12
C2 1985 Ecosse C285
C1 1985 EMKA C84/1
C2 1985 Gebhardt JC843
C2 1985 Gebhardt JC853
1985 Team LeMans LM05C (ja)
C2 1985 Lotec C302
C1 1985 March 85G (ja)
C2 1985 Mazda 737C
C1 1985 Nissan Fairlady Z Rebranded Lola T810
C1 1985 Nissan R85V (de) Chassis developed by March Engineering
C1 1985 Porsche 962C
C1 1985 Porsche 962 GTi Constructed privately by Richard Lloyd Racing
C1 1985 Porsche 962 CK6 Constructed privately by Kremer Racing
C1 1985 Sauber C8
C2 1985 Strandell 85
C2 1985 Tiga GC285
C1 1985 TOM'S 85C Designed by Dome and built by TOM'S
C1 1985 Veskanda Australian car built in 1985 by K&A Engineering and powered by a 6.0 litre Chevrolet V8. Only raced in Australia in period.
C2 1984 ADA 1 Rebadged 1982 de Cadenet-Lola LM
C2 1984 Alba AR3
C1 1984 Cheetah G604
C1 1984 Cougar C02
C2 1984 Ecosse C284 Modified de Cadenet-Lola Gr.6 with new bodywork, developed by Ray Mallock
C1 1984 Grid S2
1984 Team LeMans LM04C (ja)
C2 1984 Lola T616
C2 1984 Mazda 727C
C1 1984 Porsche 956B
C2 1984 Sthemo SMC2
C2 1984 Tiga GC284
C1 1984 TOM'S 84C (ja) Designed by Dome and built by TOM'S
C1 1984 WM P83B
C Jr, C2 1983 Alba AR2 (de)
C1 1983 Cheetah G603
C 1983 Cougar C01B
C1 1983 Dome RC83 Chassis developed by Dome
C 1983 EMKA C83/1
C Jr 1983 Harrier RX-83C
C 1983 Lancia LC1 Coupé Cars modified by Sivama Motors to meet Group C regulations
C, C1 1983 Lancia LC2
1983 Team LeMans LM03C (ja)
C1 1983 March 83G (ja)
C Jr 1983 Mazda 717C
C, C1 1983 Nimrod NRA/C2B
C1 1983 Nissan Skyline Turbo C (ja) Chassis developed by Tokyo R&D (ja), front engined
C, C1 1983 Rondeau M482 (de)
C 1983 Sauber C7
C 1983 Sehcar C6 Modified Sauber SHS C6
C, C1 1983 Sehcar C830 Chassis based on a Ford C100
C Jr 1983 Sthemo SM01
C 1983 TOM'S 82C
C 1983 TOM'S 83C
C 1983 URD C83
C 1983 WM P83 (de)
C 1983 Zakspeed C1/4 Modified Ford C100
C, C1 1983 Zakspeed C1/8 Modified Ford C100
C 1982 Cougar C01
C, C Jr 1982 de Cadenet-Lola LM Based on a Lola T390 chassis.
C, C1 1982 Dome RC82 Chassis developed by March Engineering
C 1982 Ford C100 Chassis built by John Thompson's TC Prototypes.
C 1982 Grid S1
C, C1 1982 Kremer CK5 Modified Porsche 936
C, C1 1982 Lola T610
C 1982 Lotec M1C
C 1982 March 82G
C 1982 McLaren C8 Modified McLaren M8F
C1 1982 Mirage M12
C 1982 Nimrod NRA/C2
C 1982 Porsche 936C Privately modified by Joest Racing as all factory built 936 were Gr. 6 cars
C, C1 1982 Porsche 956
C, C2 1982 Rondeau M379C (fr)
C, C1 1982 Rondeau M382 (de)
C, C2 1982 Sauber SHS C6
C 1982 TOM'S Celica C (ja) First group C car by TOM'S
C, C2 1982 URD C81
C 1982 WM P82
Mooncraft MCS Guppy (ja)
C2 Olmas GLT-200
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