Gordini T24S group S (1953)

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2 units built
straight 8 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
2982cc, 78x78 mm
steel tubular chassis
front suspension, independent with torsion bar, hydraulic Messier dampers and anti-roll bar
Rear rigid live axle, Watts linkage, Messier hydraulic dampers and anti-roll bars
Gearbox, 'type 24', modified Fiat 1900 gearbox housing with 5 speeds plus reverse
rear axle: modified Fiat 1400 unit with ZF differential (ratios 10/35; 9/34; 9/35; 9/31)
Clutch, type 24 Gordini Ferodo two discs, diameter 200mm.
Brakes Messier discs or drumbrakes (front 305 mm rear 280mm)
Wheelbase 2300mm
Track front 1240mm, rear 1218mm
Wheels Borranis
Englebert tyres from 6.00/6.50-15 to 6.00/6.50 -16.
Weight, 780 kg

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Sebring Mille Miglia Le Mans Spa Nurb Tourist Trophy Carrera Pan
Team 12h 1600km 24h 24h 1000km
Automobiles Gordini, 24-0036S #24, spare car #7, OTL*
Automobiles Gordini, 16-0038S #35, 6th #8, OTL*
Works Starts/finishes 2/0 2/0
Drivers Team entries and car number
Automobiles Gordini
Jean Behra 24 7
Jean Lucas 24 8
Maurice Trintignant 35
Harry Schell 35

*Club Francia Amigos de la Panamericana entries

43-78-15_Gordini_Panamericana_52_Manzon_07.jpg Source
Carrera Panamericana '52
supercorte54behra.jpg Source
Monza 1000km '54
x_19.jpg Source
Behra - Simon in chassis 0036S at Le Mans '54
-center-gordini-t24s-schell-tritignant-35-le-mans-1953-1-43-1261-p.jpg Source
T16S with Schell - Tritignant in chassis 16-0038S at Le Mans '53
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