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1984: Ford Sierra XR4i
1986: Ford Sierra XR4x4
1987: Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1990: Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4

Cologne info here and here


Group/Class A/8 Homologation number: A5238
Years active 1984 - 1985 Homologation start: 1/7/1984
Homologation end: 31/12/1991
Type Ford Cologne 2.8, V6 cyl (60o), 4 stroke, petrol engine located front longitudinal
Capacity 2793 cc WRC: 2793 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 93.0 x 68.5
Compression ratio 9.7:1, 10.2:1
Output power - torgue 220 HP / 5700 rpm 41.6 kgm (276 Nm) / 4100 rpm
Main bearings cast iron crankshaft with 4 main bearings 60.6mm diameter, big end journals diameter 54mm connecting rod distance between centers 130.6mm, big end bearing tunnel diameter 56.8mm, aluminium alloy piston with 40.1mm compression height
Materials block: 83TM6015AA cast iron, with optional cast iron "dry" cylinder liners. 120.9mm bore spacing, 205.3mm deck height, 224mm height cylinderhead: cross flow cast iron with "square" shaped combustion chambers and 2x2 exhaust ports (2 cylinders in 1 port, 1 cylinder in 1 port), 73mm height
Cams/valves 1 side camshaft located inside Vee with overhead valves (OHV), gears driven 2 valves/cyl. - 12 valves total. 42.35mm inlet valve diameter, 36.25mm exhaust valve diameter. 0o angle between inlet valve axis and vertical, 0o angle between exhaust valve axis and vertical. 1 coil spring per valve
Aspiration natural, Bosch K-jetronic mechanical multipoint fuel injection
Ignition electronic, firing order 1-4-2-5-3-6
Cooling system jacketed watercooled with pump, radiator, 2 fans (8 blades 406mm diameter, and 11 blades 285mm diameter) and thermostat 9.5 lt
Lubricating system wet sump with 1 oil cooler 4.7 lt
Type rear wheel drive Ford Type 9, 4 or 5 speed manual gearbox
Gearbox ratios constant: 1.737/1 (33/19)
1st: 3.358/1 (29/15)
2nd: 1.809/1 (25/24)
3rd: 1.258/1 (21/29)
4th: 1.000/1
5th: 0.825/1 (19/40)
R: 3.365/1 (31/16)
constant: 1.136/1 (25/22)
1st: 2.424/1 (32/15)
2nd: 1.677/1 (31/21)
3rd: 1.227/1 (27/25)
4th: 1.000/1
R: 2.574/1 (34/15)
Diffrential ratio 3.615/1 (47/13), 3.14/1 (47/15), 4.385/1 (57/13). 1985: 3.92/1 (51/13) hypoid spiral bevel gear limited slip rear differential
Clutch dry, single disc 242mm diameter
Type Steel monocoque chassis with roll-cage. 3 door coupe steel bodyshell with steel doors, steel front/rear bonnets, plastic front/rear bumpers and plastic rear spoiler
Front suspension macpherson strut with lower transverse arm and stabilizer, coil springs and telescopic gas shock absorbers
Rear suspension semi-trailing arm with coil springs, telescopic gas shock absorbers and anti-roll bar
Steering system rack and pinion with optional hydraulic power assistance 19.88/1 ratio (no servo). Cam Gears 17.14/1, or ZF 16.77/1 ratio (with power assistance)
Brakes Front ventilated discs 260mm diameter with 1 cast iron piston caliper 60mm diameter, rear drums 254mm diameter with 1 double cast iron piston caliper 22.2mm diameter.
Front ventilated discs 304mm diameter with 4 aluminium piston caliper 42.8mm diameter, rear ventilated discs 267mm diameter with 2 aluminium piston calipers 38.1mm diameter, or 2 cast iron piston calipers 33.9mm diameter
dual circuit with Ford/Teves/Girling/Bendix vacuum servo, adjustable ratio split front to rear
length: 4.459 m (175.6") width: 1.728 m (68.0") height: 1.392 m (54.8")
wheelbase: 2.608 m (102.7") front track: 1.452 m (57.2") rear track: 1.468 m (57.8")
Rims - tires 5.5" x 14" 195/60 VR 14
Weight 1200 kg
Fuel tank 60 lt
Drag coefficient 0.32

Results in WRC

Entry Rally event
Team M.C SVE
Entry list
Others starts/finishes 1/0 1/0

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