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508: 113,000 units built between 1932-1937
508S: 500 units built (including Simca, etc)

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Chassis 508014034 Fiat 508 Balilla Coupé '33
Chassis 508-091244 '35
Chassis 508 071328 '35
Chassis 48139 508S Balilla Sport

Fiat, straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
located front longitudinal
65 x 75 mm
998 cc
7.0:1, 7.1:1
Sport: 30 hp (22 kW) @ 4000 rpm
CS: 36 HP (26.8 kW) @ 4000 rpm
46 HP
single side camshaft with OHV
1 x Zenith carburetor
12V battery
water cooled

Rear wheel drive
4 speed manual gearbox, CS: synchromesh
1st: 14.4
2nd: 8.6
3rd: 5.7
4th: 4.1:1
final drive, 4.30/1
open two-seater bodywork with finned tail bodyshell designed by Ghia
tires, 4.00 x 17"
600 kg
fuel tank, 10 gal

Results in Endurance Races


Group VU
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Mille Miglia Targa Florio Le Mans Spa Tourist Trophy Brooklands
Date 9/4 28/5 18/6 2/7 2/9 16/9
Team 1600km 503km 24h 24h 750km 500mil
A. Romoli/ A. Mancini (508S Balilla Sport) #1, dns
Franco Spotorno/ B. Ghiringhelli (508S Balilla Sport) #2, 30th
Arcangelo Periccioli/ Milton Biagini (508S Balilla Sport) #3, dnf
Luigi Villoresi/ Emilio Villoresi (508S Balilla Sport) #4, 33rd
U. Villa/ P. Colombo (508S Balilla Sport) #5, 42nd
U. Vernazza/ C. Di Vecchio (508S Balilla Sport) #6, dnf
Sidoli/ Bertolotti (508S Balilla Sport) #7, dnf
Renzo Ceschina/ Gino Guagnellini (508S Balilla Sport) #8, 31st
Giuseppe Gilera/ P. Sertori (508S Balilla Sport) #9, dnf
G. Bellini/ Silvagni (508S Balilla Sport) #10, dnf
M. Lombardi/ F. Lombardi (508S Balilla Sport) #11, dnf
Mellei/ Palmi (508S Balilla Sport) #12, dnf
Ragnoli (508S Balilla Sport) #13, dns
Ovidio Capelli/ C. Forni (508S Balilla Sport) #14, dns
Umberto Capello/ N. Soprani (508S Balilla Sport) #15, 44th
O. Ghizzoni/ A. Strada (508S Balilla Sport) #16, 44th
Parravicini/ C. Gezzi (508S Balilla Sport) #17, 48th
Francesco Apruzzi/ Bellocchi (508S Balilla Sport) #18, 39th
L. Beccaria/ Cattaneo (508S Balilla Sport) #19, 36th
S. Petriccioli/ C. Ricceri (508S Balilla Sport) #20, dnf
G. Ricci/ Maggi (508S Balilla Sport) #21, 29th
A. Vertunni (508S Balilla Sport) #22, dns
John Cain/ G. Aymini (508S Balilla Sport) #23, 32nd
A. Mattoli/ Selmini (508S Balilla Sport) #24, 46th
L. Brussi/ P. Budellazzi (508S Balilla Sport) #25, dnf
S. Montanari/ A. Mondini (508 berlina group VGI) #26, dnf
T. Pacini/ T. Cucci (508S Balilla Sport) #27, 35th
37 L. Cagna/ Fidora (508 berlina group VGI) #37, dnf
Giorgio Ambrosini/ D. Menchetti (508 Siata Balilla berlinetta Ghia group S) #44, 25th
P. L. Torriani Tavanti/ F. Amatori (508 berlina group VGI) #45, 52nd
G. Peragallo/ M. Nardi (508 berlinetta aerodynamica group VGI) #46, dnf
Starts/finishes 31/15 31/15

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508 Balilla Mille Miglia Berlinetta Ghia
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