Fiat 508CS Ballila (1934)

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Manufacturer: S.A. Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino


Number produced: All types, all years– 327,496; examples of the donor chassis – 75,000

998 cc
36 HP
12V battery

4 speed manual gearbox

Results in Endurance Races

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Mille Miglia Le Mans Tourist Trophy Brooklands
Date 8/4 17/6 1/9 22/9
Team 1600km 24h 750km 500mil
A. Facchetti/ F. Venosta (508CS Balilla Sport) #2, 24th
Vittorugo Mallucci/ O. Astolfi (Siata 508S) #4, 19th
Ragnoli/ 'Torni' (Siata 508S) #5, dnf
Ettore Bianco/ A. Mignanego (Siata 508S) #7, 18th
Luigi Villoresi/ Emilio Villoresi (508CS Balilla Sport) #10, dnf
Moris Bergamini/ E. Guastalla (508CS Balilla Sport) #11, dnf
O. Chilesotti/ G. Goti (508CS Balilla Sport) #12, 15th
Francesco Apruzzi/ A. Antelmi (508CS Balilla Sport) #13, 29th
L. Beccaria/ Attilio Battilana (Siata 508S) #14, dnf
Giuseppe Gilera/ Sebastiano Manzoni, 013327 (Siata 508S) #15, 14th
P. L. Torriani/ S. Petruccioli (508CS Balilla Sport) #17, 28th
P. Ravano/ M. Lenzi (Siata 508S) #18, dnf
D. Bignami/ U. Cavanna (508CS Balilla Sport) #21, dnf
Macchia/ M. Jelmini (508CS Balilla Sport) #22, 20th
G. Coppola/ Bacciocchi (508CS Balilla Sport) #23, dnf
Starts/finishes 1/0
Drivers Team entries and car number
Austin Dobson
Austin Dobson
Arthur Dobson

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508 Balilla Mille Miglia Berlinetta Ghia
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