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Chassis numbers


5 units built
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Analytical specifications and drawings

V12 (60o) cylinder
2953cc capacity
SOHC with 2 valves per cylinders
Natural aspiration with 6 x Weber 38 DCN Carburetors
Power output, 305 HP / 227 KW @ 7400 rpm
Torque, 380 Nm / 280 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm

235 kw / 315 bhp @ 7500 rpm
381 Nm / 281 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm

5 speed Manual gearbox
ZF Limited Slip rear Differential
Fitchel & Sachs Single Dry Plate clutch
Type 532D Steel Tube frame chassis, aluminium Fantuzzi bodyshell
Front suspension unequal A arms, coil springs, Koni telescope shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension double wishbones, coil springs, Koni telescope shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
ZF worm and peg steering
Dunlop discs, all-round
Wheelbase 2324 mm (91.5 in)
wheels, Front 5.5 x 16", Rear 5.5 - 6 x 16"
tires, front 5.5x16 Dunlop, rear 6.5x16 Dunlop
fuel tank, 140 lt

Results in WSCC

The S.E.F.A.C. corporation (Societa Esercisio Fabriche Automobili e Corse) was founded the 23rd of may 1960 by Enzo Ferrari and Michel Paul-Cavallier, who was made its C.E.O. He was an important french industrial (foundries of Pont-a-Mousson) with a passion for sports and racing cars.
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Buenos Aires Sebring Targa Florio Nurburgring Le Mans
Team 1000km 12h 1000km 24h
Scuderia Ferrari, 780TR #196, acci dent #10, gear box
Scuderia Ferrari, 782TR #1, eng ine #12, fuel
Works Starts/finishes 4/0 1/0 1/0 2/0
Drivers Team entries and car number
Scuderia Ferrari
Phil Hill 196 1
Cliff Allison 196
Wolfgang von Trips 1
Richie Ginther 10
Willy Mairesse 10
Ludovico Scarfiotti 12
Ricardo Rodriguez 12

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