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31 units built (18 PF Berlinetta, 2 Vignale Spyder S1, 4 Vignale Spyder S2, 6 Vignale Spyder S3, 1 Vignale Berlinetta)
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Analytical specifications and drawings

V12 (60o) cylinder
2953cc capacity
SOHC with 2 valves per cylinders
Natural aspiration with 3 x Weber 36 DCZ Carburetors
Power output, 240 HP / 177 KW @ 7200 rpm
Torque, 250 Nm / 184 ft lbs @ 5000 rpm

4 speed manual gearbox
1st: 2.285/1
2nd: 1.70/1
3rd: 1.255/1
4th: 1.00/1
R: 2.955/1
final drive, 3.636/1, 4.00/1, 4.25/1, 4.444/1
steel elliptical-section steel welded tube ladder type rolling chassis, aluminium bodyshell
f suspension Double Wishbones, lower transverse leaf spring
r suspension live axle, semi-elliptic longitudinal leaf springs
worm-and-wheel steering
hydraulic drum brakes all around
length 4000 mm (157.5 in)
width 1570 mm / 61.8 in
height 1300 mm / 51.2 in
wheelbase 2400 mm (94.5 in)
f/r track 1300 mm (51.2 in) / 1320 mm (52 in)
tires, front 5.50 x 16" or 6.40 x 15", rear 6.00 x 16" or 6.40 x 15"
fuel tank, 150 lt
drag coefficient, 0.45

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Sebring Mille Miglia Le Mans Spa Nurb Tourist Trophy Carrera Pan
Team 12h 1600km 24h 24h 1000km
Ferrari Spa, 0310MM #609, diffe rential
Ferrari Spa, 0326MM (Vignale Spyder) #625, brakes
Roberto Rosselini/ Aldo Tonti, 0230MM (Vignale Spyder I) #544, diffe rential
Massimo Orlandi/ Luciano Fontana, 0252MM #628, in entry list
Paolo Marzotto/ Marino Marini, 0254MM #543, fire
Bruno Sterzi/ Giulio Rovelli, 0258MM #627, dnf #32, in entry list*
Bianca Maria Piazza/ Mario Piazza, 0270MM #605, acci dent
Piero Scotti/ Giulio Contini, 0274MM (Vignale Spyder II) #636, dnf
Giulio Cabianca/ Gianfranco Roghi, 0332MM (Vignale Spyder III) #633, 9th
Efrain Ruiz-Echeverria/ Pedro Villegas Becerril, 0352MM #5, 11th
McAfee #33, in entry list
Total points
Works Starts/finishes 9/2 8/1 1/1
Drivers Team entries and car number
Ferrari Spa
Giovanni Bracco 609
Alfonso Rolfo 609
Mike Hawthorn 625
Azelio Cappi 625
Ernie McAfee 33
Jack McAfee 33

*Franco Cornacchia/Dorino Serafini entry

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Vignale Spyder Series I, chassis number 0230MM


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