Duckhams De Cadenet LM group 5 (1972)

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1 unit built

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Ford Cosworth DFV
Hewland DG 300 5 speed gearbox

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Buenos Ayres Dayt Sebring Brands Hatch Monza Spa Targa Florio Nurb Le Man Zeltweg Watkins Glen
Team 1000km 6h 12h 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 24h 1000km 6h
Duckham's Oil Motor Racing, LM-1 #68, 12th #28, eng ine
Works Starts/finishes 2/1 1/1 1/0
Driver Team entries and car number
Duckham's Oil Motor Racing
Chris Craft 68
Alain De Cadenet 68 28
Martin Birrane 28

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At Le Mans '72
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At Le Mans '73
de-cadenet-lm-ford-n10.jpg Source
At Le Mans '74
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