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HBR4/5 Coach = HBR4/5 Coupe (Designed by Chausson)


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Homologation number: HBR4 10, HBR5 11, and LM 27
Homologation start: 14/4/1959, 19/2/1959, and 14/11/1960

850cc 1959: 65hp at 6000rpm, twin spark, 1 single carburetor
central-beam chassis
2 door Coupe Chausson fiberglass bodyshell (HBR4/5)

Results in WSCC


Panhard 745 cc
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Buenos Aires Sebring Mille Miglia Nurburgring Sverige
Team 1000km 12h 1600km 1000km GP
Gérard Laureau, 838 (HBR5 Coach 850cc) #64, dnf
Antonio Mariotti/ Robert Mougin, 845 (HBR5 Coach 850cc) #65, dnf
Gerard Parmentier/ G. Sénéchal, 842 (HBR5 Coach 850cc) #66, 113th
Fernand Carpentier, 819 (HBR5 Coach 850cc) #69, dnf
Guillaume Mercader, 807 (HBR5 Coach 850cc) #72, dnf
Robert Manzon/ L. Borsa, 808 (HBR5 Coach 850cc) #76, 55th
Elie Bayol, 824 (HBR5 Coach 750cc group S) #200, dnf
M. Dallest (851cc) #400, in entry list
Starts/finishes 7/2 7/2

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