Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 926R (1986)

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Class: Under 1300cc (926cc x 1.4 = 1297cc)
Daihatsu CE70, straight 3 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
118 hp @ 6500rpm
15 kg/m @ 3,500rpm
cast iron block, aluminium alloy head
DOHC, 4 valves/cyl - 12 valves total
aspiration, 1 x IHI RHB32 Turbocharger, with multipoint Electronic fuel injection
water cooled
wet sump
steel monocoque Daihatsu G11 chassis, 3 door hatchback steel bodyshell
Front suspension struts, double wishbone, coil springs
Rear suspension struts, double wishbone, coil springs
Layout: Mid Engine (transverse), RWD
5 speed manual gearbox
Front: Discs
Rear: Drums
Length: 3850mm (151.6 in)
width: 1640 mm (64.6 in)
Height: 1360mm (53.5 in)
wheelbase: 2320 mm (91.3 in)
front track: 1380 mm (54.3 in)
rear track: 1410 mm (55.5 in)
wheels, Front: 6Jx15", Rear 7Jx15"
Tires: Pirelli P700, 205/50/VR15 (front), 225/50/VR15 (rear)
Weight: 800kg

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