Citroen Visa Chrono group B (1983)

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559 units built
Evolution (ET): 20 units built
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Group/Class B/10 Homologation number: B219 (04/01 ET)
Years active 1983-1984 Homologation start: 1/10/1982 (1/1/1983 for ET)
Homologation end: 31/12/1987
Type PSA-Renault XYR, straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine located front transverse with 72o rear inclination
Capacity 1360 cc
1983 ET: 1434 cc
WRC: 1360 cc
1983 ET: 1434 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 75.0 x 77.0, 1983 ET: 77.0 x 77.0
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Output power - torgue 93 hp @ 5800 rpm
140 HP @ 6500 rpm
1983 ET: 145 HP @ 6500 rpm
12.4 kgm @ 4500 rpm
97 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm
1983 ET: 165 Nm /110 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm
Main bearings cast steel crankshaft with 5 main bearings 50mm journal diameter, big end bearing journal diameter 45mm connecting rod length between centers 126.8mm, big end bearing tunnel diameter 48.7mm
Materials block: aluminium alloy with steel "wet" cylinder liners cylinderhead: cross flow aluminium alloy with hemispherical combustion chambers
Cams/valves single overhead camshaft (SOHC), chain driven. Valves operation with rocker arms 2 valves/cyl. - 8 valves total. 39.5mm inlet valve diameter, 31.3mm exhaust valve diameter, 33o angle between inlet valve axis and exhaust valve axis.
1983 ET: 41mm inlet valve diameter, 33mm exhaust valve diameter,
Aspiration natural with 2 x Solex C35 PHHE 10 carburetors, 1983 ET: 2 x Weber 45 DCOE carburetors
Ignition firing order 1-3-4-2 12V battery
Cooling system jacketed watercooled, with pump, radiator, fan and thermostat
Lubrication system wet sump
Type front wheel drive 5 speed manual gearbox, located below engine in parallel with crankshaft axis
Gearbox ratios constant: 1.259/1 (34/27),
1st: 3.883/1 (37/12)
2nd: 2.296/1 (31/17)
3rd: 1.501/1 (31/26)
4th: 1.124/1 (25/28)
5th: 0.904/1 (28/39)
R: 3.568/1 (34/12)
constant: 1.259/1 (34/27),
1st: 3.883/1 (37/12)
2nd: 2.612/1 (27/13)
3rd: 1.889/1 (24/16)
4th: 1.469/1 (21/18)
5th: 1.196/1 (19/20)
R: 3.568/1 (34/12)
Diffrential ratio 3.867/1 (58/15), 3.563/1 (57/16), 4.067/1 (61/15) front parallel helical spur gears
Clutch dry, single disc
Type Citroen Visa GT's steel monocoque chassis with 19kg AlZn4.5Mg1 (D40x3.5mm) roll cage. 1983: 16kg AZ5GT6 (D40x3.5mm), or 22kg AlZn4.5Mg1 (D40x3.5mm) roll cage.
5 door hatchback steel/plastic bodyshell with steel front/rear doors, steel front bonnet, steel/plastic rear bonnet, and plastic front/rear bumpers. 1983 ET: plastic reinforced with fibre resine front/rear doors and front/rear bonnets
Front suspension macpherson strut with lower transverse arm, longitutinal "Pi" shaped stabilizer bar, coil springs, and telescopic gas shock absorbers
Rear suspension trailing arms with coil springs, telescopic gas shock absorbers, and anti-roll bar
Steering system rack and pinion (no servo) 18.3/1 ratio. 1983: 13.2/1 ratio
Brakes front solid discs 241mm diameter with 1 cast iron piston caliper 48mm diameter. Rear drums 180mm diameter with 1 double piston caliper 22mm diameter.
1983: front solid disc 244.5mm diameter with 2 aluminium piston calipers 45mm diameter, or ventilated discs 249mm diameter with 4 aluminium piston calipers 38mm diameter. Rear solid discs 220/241/244.5mm diameter with 2 aluminium piston calipers 30mm diameter
dual circuit with DBA vacuum servo. Optional no servo. 1983 ET: brakes regulator
length: 3.720 m (146.5") width: 1.555 m (61.2")
1983 ET: 1.600 m (63")
height: 1.370 m (53.9")
wheelbase: 2.426 m (95.5") front track: 1330 m (52.4") rear track: 1320 m (52.0")
Rims - tires 13" 175/70HR13
Weight 760 kg
Fuel tank 44 lt
Drag coefficient 0.4 frontal area: 1.8 m2

Results in WRC



Works team: Citroën Compétitions

Entry Rally event
Maurice Chomat
Didier Breton
works 25th stee ring 10th 14th
Christian Dorche
Gilles Thimonier/ Jacques Hénuset
works dnf 13th dnf transm ission 19th
Philippe Wambergue
Bernard Martin-Dondoz/ Vincent Laverne/ Jean De Alexandris
works dnf 9th eng ine
Christian Rio
Jean-Bernard Vieu/ Bernard Martin-Dondoz
works dnf 11th 18th
Alain Coppier
Josépha Laloz
works driver inj dnf 9th eng ine mount wheel acci dent
Francisco Romãozinho
Pedro de Almeida
Rufino Fontes
Waldemar Guimarães
Gilles Guillet
Roger Raous
Jacqueline Casamayou/ Patrick Giudicelli
dnf dnf
Olivier Tabatoni
Michel Cadier/ J L Chausse
dnf transm ission dnf
Andreas Arkentis
acci dent
Maurizio Verini
Antonio Martino/ Claudio Cotelli
Aiglon SA dnf alter nator
Vittorio Caneva
Loris Roggia
John Weatherley
Ronan Morgan
Citroën Cars timing belt
Total points
5 2 3
Works starts/finishes 20/9 3/1 5/1 2/1 5/3 2/1 3/2
Others starts/finishes 14/2 2/0 3/1 3/0 3/0 2/1 1/0

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