Cisitalia 202 group S (1947)

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170 units built
200 units built MM
20 units built SMM
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Click here for '47 CMM Vignale Coupe
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Results in Endurance Races

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Bremgarten Mille Miglia Dolomiti
Date 8/6 22/6 20/7
Team 1600km 300km
Piero Taruffi/ Buzzi, 001CMM (MM berlinetta aerodinamica) #150, dnf
Piero Dusio/ Adolfo Macchieraldo, 004SMM (MM spider 'Razzo') #164, dnf #134, 2nd
Eugenio Minetti/ Piero Facetti, 002 (SMM spider) #172, 4th
Inico Bernabei/ Tullio Pacini, 001 (SMM) #175, 3rd
Tazio Nuvolari/ Francesco Carena, 001A (SMM spider) #179, 2nd
Franco Cornacchia (MM) #152, 5th
Total points
24 15
Works Starts/finishes 7/5 5/3 2/2

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202 SMM Coupe in Mille Miglia '47
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202 SMM Spider 'Razzo' in Mille Miglia '47
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202 GT (1946) the car that transformed postwar automobile body design
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202 SMM Nuvolari
Cisitalia_202_Spyder_Mille_Miglia.jpg Source
47-Cisitalia-202-SMM_DV-12-BHM_01-800.jpg Source
SMM Aerodinamico Berlinetta chassis EN10219
Cisitalia-202-B-Vignale-Coupe-121813.jpg Source
202 B Vignale Coupe chassis 141SC
cisitalia-sc-berlinetta-pinin-farina-mille-miglia-italy-history-vintage-car-retro-54598794.jpg Source
202 SC berlinetta Pinin Farina 1947
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202 Grand Sport '49
Wolfsburg_Jun_2012_115_%28Autostadt_-_1950_Cisitalia_202_Gran_Sport%29.JPG Source
202 Gran Sport '50


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