Chevrolet Small Block Gen II LT1 374 (1995)

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Chevrolet Small Block Gen II LT1 374ci (6.1 lt), 4 stroke
Based on LT1 350 of 1992
Introduced in 1995
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Cylinders arrangement: V8 (90o)
Strokes: 4
Bore x Stroke: 102.45 x 92.964 mm
Capacity: 6130 cc
Compression ratio: 9.7:1

Construction materials

aluminum alloy block with 229.235mm deck height and 111.8mm bore spacing, aluminium head
nodular iron cross plane crankshaft with 5 main bearings
powdered steel connecting rod length between centers 144.78mm


crossflow design
camshaft in block with overhead valves (OHV), 2 valves/cyl - 16 valves total


╬Łatural with multipoint electronic Fuel Injection


firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2, with Driver side 1 3 5 7, Passenger side 2 4 6 8
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Cooling and lubrication

water cooled, Reverse flow water cooling
dry sump

Torque values

Models used and Output

Year Model Induction Compression ratio Power Torque
1995 Marcos Mantara LM600 MPFI 9.7:1 530 bhp / 395 KW @ 6250 rpm 610 Nm / 450 ft-lb @ 4700 rpm
ccrp_0801_01_z%2Bgen_ii_chevy_small_block_engine%2B.jpg Source
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