Chevrolet Monza group GTO (1975)

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350 ci

Results in WSCC

Group 4
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Mugelo Dijon Monza Spa Pergusa Nurb Zeltweg Watkins Glen
Team 24h 1000km 800km 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 1000km 6h
Warren Agor/ Stephen Behr #13, tire
Carter Racing Services, 1001 #88, wheel
Works Starts/finishes 2/0 2/0
Driver Team entries and car number
Carter Racing Services
Tony DeLorenzo 88
Maurice Carter 88

1975&img=Mosport-1975-06-15-013b.jpg&txt=%c2%a9%20Gerald%20Melton&wi=&mode=Null Source
Waren Agor '75
1979&img=Portland-1979-08-05-010a.jpg&txt=%c2%a9%20Brent%20Martin&wi=&mode=Null Source
350 Twin Turbo group GTX '78
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