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28 units built
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Results in Endurance Races

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Mille Miglia Le Mans Tourist Trophy Brooklands
Date 8/4 17/6 1/9 22/9
Team 1600km 24h 750km 500mil
R. Gordon Sutherland, LM16 #18, 3rd in entry list
R. Gordon Sutherland, LM15 #19, 6th
R. Gordon Sutherland, LM17 #20, 7th
Manech Dinshaw Petit, F4/444/S in entry list
Starts/finishes 3/3 3/3
Drivers Team entries and car number
R. Gordon Sutherland
Thomas Fotheringham-Parker 18
Pat Driscoll 19
Clifton Penn Hughes 20 +
Richard Oats +
Manech Dinshaw Petit +

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