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Mk I Coupe '53-'55: 405 (1 Bertone Berlinetta, 1 Allemano Coupe, 1 Graber Drophead Coupe)
Mk I Carbiolet '53-'55: 102
Bertone spider '53: 3
Bertone Cabriolet '53: 2
Mk II Coupe: 34 (1 Ghia Supersonic Coupe)
Mk II Cabriolet '56: 16
Mk II Touring Spider '56: 3
Mk III ('57-'59): 551 total
Hatchbak: 462
Drophead coupe: 84 (68 DBA, 2 DBB, 14 DBD)
Fixed Head Coupe: 5
764 units built (DB2/4)

Click here for DB2/4 Mk I (4 seats) '53
Click here for DB2/4 Graber Drophead Coupe 2.6 '53
Click here for DB2/4 Allemano Coupe 2.9 '53
Click here for DB2/4 2.9 Bertone Berlinetta '54
Click here for DB2/4 2.6 Bertone Cabriolet '53
Click here for DB2/4 2.6 Bertone Spider '53
Click here for DB2/4 Mk II 2.9 '56
Click here for DB2/4 Mk II Ghia Supersonic Coupe 2.9 '56
Click here and here for DB2/4 Mk III 2.9 (1957-1959)

Lagonda VB6E, straight 6 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine. Click here
Designed by Willie Watson under the guidance of W.O.Bentley
78.0 x 90.0 mm (3.07 x 3.543 in)
2580 cc (157ci)
BS1452 Grade 220 cast iron block, cast iron head
he crankcase was of a cast iron 'barrel' type, wet liner design with 3 round cast light alloy 'cheeses' which bolted around a 4 main bearing crankshaft, the (rear 3) cheeses housed shell type main bearings, the crankshaft was a fairly advanced part counterbalanced design with a thin scroll seal & thrower ring at the rear of the engine, this crank was fitted in from the rear of the crankcase & passed through the crankcase to the 'intregral to the block' front main bearing housing, the big end journals (bearing) were originally white metal direct into the connecting rod, soon changed to shell bearings fitted into the rods, pistons were a light alloy 6.5:1 compression ratio 4 ring design. The pressed tin sump was filled with 14 or so pints of oil which was then circulated by a twin 'vane' gear type pump
The inlet manifolds were of cast light alloy & water heated, the exhaust manifolds cast iron with cup type fittings to the exhaust downpipe
steel crankshaft with 4 main bearings
chain driven (104 links) SOHC, 1950: (84 links) DOHC. 2 valve / cyl - 12 valves total, 38.5mm inlet valve diameter, 34.7mm exhaust valve diameter, 38.1mm diameter cam follower, 8.8mm valves lift

David Brown, 4 speed manual gearbox
1st: 2.92/1
2nd: 1.98/1
3rd: 1.33/1
4th: 1.00/1
R: 2.92/1
final drive, 3.77/1, rear differential
2 door coupe Aluminum bodyshell over Tubular Steel Spaceframe Chassis
f suspension, Trailing Arms w/Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Anti-roll Bar
r suspension, Live Axle w/Coil Springs, Radius Arms, Panhard Rod
Marles cam and double roller steering
Girling Hydrualic Drums all around
length, 4299 mm / 169.3 in (1949)
width, 1651 mm / 65.0 in
height, 1359 mm / 53.5 in
wheelbase, 2515 mm / 99.0 in
front track, 1372 mm / 54.0 in
rear track, 1372 mm / 54.0 in
tires, front 5.75×16", rear 6.00×16"
fuel tank, 86 lt
frontal area, 1.86 m2

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Buenos Aires Sebring Mille Miglia Le Mans Tourist Trophy Carrera Pan
Team 1000km 12h 1600km 24h
Jean-Paul Colas/ Hermano da Silva Ramos, LML693 #27, rear axle
Works Starts/finishes 1/0 1/0

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Mk I '53
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Mk I '53
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Mk I Drophead Coupe
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Mk I Drophead Cabriolet
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Mk II '55
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Mk III '57
Mk III '57


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