Alpine A108 group GT (1961)

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A108 "straight headlights": around 300 units built
A108 "encompassed headlights": around 1200 units built
Willys Interlagos: 822 exemplaires (A108 + A110)

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Homologation number: 43
Homologation start: 9/9/1959, Evolution, 1,0 lt: 1/10/1960

Renault Billancourt, straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
cast iron block
aluminium alloy head
3 main bearings
water cooled

Results in WSCC

Season races for GT 1.0
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Dayt Sebring Targa Florio Spa Nurb Cons uma Ross feld Le Man Wies baden d' Auve rgne Freiburg Tourist Trophy Ollon Inter Europa TdF Bridgeh
Team 3h 12h 500km 1000km Hill climb Hill climb 24h rally Hill climb Hill climb 500km
Automobiles Alpine (group P) #18, acci dent
Robert Yschard/ Raymond Hibon (1,0) #112, 27th
Jean-Marie Sachet/ Claude Levasseur (0,85 group T) #6, dnf
Guy Verrier/ Bernard Boyer (1,0 group T) #32, dnf
Gerald Langlois/ Regine Langlois (1,0 group T) #34, clutch
Jacques Féret/ Francois Hoffmann (1,0) #118, clutch
Jean-Francois Gerbault/ Philippe Gerbault (1,0) #120, acci dent
Henri Hourtoulle/ Jeanne Hourtoulle (1,0) #123, in entry list
Michel Gauvain/ Fernard Leroy (0,85 group T) in entry list
Michel Legourd/ Christina Boulay (1,0 group T) in entry list
Works Starts/finishes 7/1 1/0 6/1
Drivers Team entries and car number
Automobiles Alpine
René Richard 18
Henri Grandsire 18


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Paul Condriller with chassis #1006
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