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Giulietta SS 1,3: 1366 units built, with first 100 units being "low nose" Tipo 750SS (1959)
Giulia SS 1,6: 1400 units built

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Homologation number: 122
Homologation start: 16/5/1959

Chassis Type, AR10120.00001 or AR177001
Engine Type, AR00120.00001 or AR00120.00501

Alfa Romeo Twin Cam, straight 4 cyl, 4 stroke, petrol engine
1290cc, 74.0 x 75.0 mm
Compression, 9.7:1
Power output, 100 HP / 75 kW @ 6500 rpm
Torque, 113 Nm (83 ft·lb) (11.5 kgm) @ 4500 rpm
aluminium alloy engine block with cast iron "wet" cylinder liners, aluminium alloy head with hemispherical combustion chambers
forged steel crankshaft with 5 main bearings
DOHC (direct valve actuation with bucket tappets) driven by a double row timing chain
80 degrees angle between inlet and exhaust valves axis
Aspiration, 2 x Weber 40DCO3 (Tipo 750SS) or, later, 40DCOE2 carbs
flat, finned oil sump
battery, 12V, 38 Ah, dinamo 240 W
5 speed manual gearbox

Length, 4120 mm (162.2")
Width, 1660 mm (65.4")
Height, 1245 mm (49.0")
wheelbase, 2250 mm (88.6")
Kerb weight, 860 kg (Giulietta), 950 kg (Giulia)
drag coefficient, 0.28

Results in WSCC

Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Buenos Aires Sebring Targa Florio Nurburgring Le Mans
Team 1000km 12h 1000km 24h
Monte Pellegrino, AR10120.00045 (Prototipo) #50, 13th
Balarm, AR10120.00040 #62, dnf
Scuderia Sant Ambroeus, AR10120.00029 #64, dnf
Karl Stangl/ Bernd Degner #101, 28th
Starts/finishes 4/2 3/1 1/1
Drivers Team entries and car number
Monte Pellegrino
Vincenzo Riolo 50
Alessandro Federico 50
Emanuele Trapani 62
Guercia 62
Scuderia Sant Ambroeus
Sergio Bettoja 64
"Sagitttario" 64

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