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Chassis types


Homologation number: 230 (OTR) and 539 (OTS)
Homologation start: 30/4/1966 and 1/5/1966

982cc OHV Inline 4-Cylinder
100 HP @ 5800 rpm
2 Twin-Throat Weber Carburetors
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Fiat Tipo 100GC chassis
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
Front Disc – Rear Drum Brakes

Results in WSCC

Season races for GT 2.0-
Car entry, chassis number Car number/ result
Sebring Imola Inter Europa Targa Florio Nurb Rossfeld Le Man Reims Bolzano Mendola Freiburg Ollon Nurb Bridgeh
Team 12h 1000km Hill climb 24h 12h Hill climb Hill climb Hill climb 500km 500km
Abarth & Cie (group T) #120, 30th
Enzo Buzzetti #6, eng ine #5, in entry list
Mauro Baldo #10, eng ine #4, in entry list
Bruno Bonini #12, 4th
Mauro Cintolesi #14, 5th
Mauro Cintolesi #30, in entry list
Cesare Sangiorgi #16, 7th #11, 4th
Mariano Moselli #20, eng ine
Clemente Avventurieri #22, 6th #10, in entry list
Tristano Bindoni #26, 8th #8, in entry list
Giuseppe Rebaudi #28, gear box #7, gear box
'Yama-Arashi' #2, in entry list #9, gear box
Nettuno #8, in entry list #2, in entry list
Alberto Spadaro #24, in entry list
Mauro Cintolesi #30, in entry list
Giovanni Pessina/ Bruno Bonini #1, eng ine
Stanislao Reverter/ 'Runner' #3, eng ine
Karl Foitek #6, eng ine
Total points
25 7
Works Starts/finishes 16/7 9/5 6/1 1/1
Drivers Team entries and car number
Abarth & Cie
Achille Marzi 120
Anzio Zucchi 8 2
Karl Foitek
Joe Kretschi 6

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