Abarth 2000S group 4 (1968)

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Chassis types


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Homologation number: 252
Homologation start: 1/4/1969

Results in WSCC

Car entry Car number/ result
Dayt Sebring Brands Hatch Monza Targa Florio Spa Nurb Le Man Watkins Glen Zeltweg
Team 24h 12h 6h 1000km 720km 1000km 1000km 24h 6h 1000km
Abarth-Osella #74, acci dent in practise
Abarth-Osella #75, acci dent
Anatoly Arutunoff/ Dick Irish/ Bill Pryor (SE010 group P) #91, in entry list
S.R.T. Holland #83, eng ine
IGFA #55, eng ine #178, 8th
Starts/finishes 5/0 1/0 1/0 1/1 2/0
Driver Team entries and car number
Erich Bitter 74
Helmut Leuze 75
Toine Hezemans 75
S.R.T. Holland
Gijs van Lennep 83
Toine Hezemans 83
Helmut Leuze 55
Erich Bitter 55 178
Helmut Kelleners 178

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